AFA13 2013 - Content Lineup

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2013/11/05 15:26 JST in Japanese Pop Culture

Anime Festival Asia - Asia's biggest anime event takes place this weekend (8 - 10th) at the Suntec Convention Centre in Singapore. Is your body ready?

This is the content list for AFA13 - too much to handle for one person so bring your friends to help!

Anisong, experience zones, industry guests, cosplay and more ^o^

The exhibition hall - will leave a hole in your wallet big enough for you to climb inside it. Take note of the Culture Japan booth placed in the best Fung Shui spot which harnesses the energy from Saturn's 7th orbiting moon.

And this is what we got at the Culture Japan Booth - also known as the Mirai Kopitiam.

I have a feeling that the Summer T-shirt will be gone in a jiffy ><
To be sold first at AFA13.

The best thing I enjoy about AFA is the Maid and Butler cafe's produced by Uncle Pei Pei and co.
Here are the lovely maids.

And here are the handsome lads.

Would you like to cuddle up with Haru-kun?

Or how about have an intimate dinner with Hiroshi-kun?

Maybe spend the evening staring into Kaede-kuns deep eyes?

Or a night on the town with Kyoichi-kun?

Or how about watch Ren-kun beat up your foes in front of you?

If you ask nicely then Shou-kun will undress while you eat.

Or maybe have Takuya-kun undress you instead.

And lets not forget about Yutaki-kun who will do all the above for you with both hands tied behind is left ear.

Mio-chan will transform into Mirai at your wish!

Miyake-chan will eat you alive - and then eat what you ordered for dessert.

Momo-chan has ability to power up your meal but not your salary.

Rie-chan likes to play games - loose and you pay for all the customers meals.

Rin-chan likes to do cartwheels - in your food.

Ask Rina-chan to serve you dessert before your main course to unlock her special abilities.

Do a handstand for 20 seconds in front of Rina to unlock her special powers.

Sing the Nyancat song for 20 mins to unlock Tora's special move - a slap to your face.

Yuna-chan does a good impression of Harrison Ford - just ask!

And then on Monday the 11th after AFA is Culture Japan Night.

Date: 11 November (Monday)
Venue: Kallang Theatre, Orchid Room (1 Stadium Walk, near Stadium MRT)
Time: 3pm to 8pm
Entrance Fee: $5 or free*

Details here.

See you soon at AFA and CJ Night!