AFA12 Singapore Merchandise

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2012/11/07 19:05 JST in Mascot

Its that time of year again! Anime Festival Asia takes place this weekend in Singapore - there will be a load of stage and industry guests together with a humongous exhibition hall ready to leave your wallet with a huge gaping hole.

For the past few years attending and setting up booth at anime events, all I have done is showcase our mascot character Mirai Suenaga.
This time round however, I'll be selling stuff at our Mirai Culture Japan booth - also known as the Mirai Kopitiam. However, I dont think Mirai is that popular so I'm only bringing a small quantity of merchandise ><

First up are the Moekana T-shirts! Here is the Tora design.

And here is the Cheergirl version. We use the plastisol method to print on the shirts - this means we can have multiple colors without the print getting thick.
The reason you have seen me wearing the moekana T-shirts for so many moons is because I wanted to see how well they last by wearing and washing them multiple times over a long period of time.

The colors have not faded or cracked so far so I can finally unleash them on to the market. The reason why I wanted to produce my own T-shirts is because I cant control the quality of licensed products.

Last year at AFA, a licensed Akumakko moekana T-shirt was sold and the quality was terrible - I didn't find out until after I washed it. Please forgive me if you purchased that product. m(__)m

For each purchase of a T-shirt, you get a Moekana Couple Card Set (2 cards)! In the set is Mirai-chan and...

If you buy 2 T-shirts then you end up with 2 Couple Sets (4 cards).

Also at my booth are limited numbers of Mirai Carry Cases! We have the Iizuki version and Moekana version.

The cases come folded in packs so that you can put them in your underpants.

Each case comes with a Moekana Janken set (3 cards)!

We also have a selection of A2 sized glossy posters featuring the artwork of many popular illustrators in Japan.

Each poster comes with a Moekana Itasha card!
This means if you buy 10 posters, you will end up with 10 Itasha cards^^;

All purchases come with a free glossy Mirai-chan bag! One side is Moekana style Cheergirl...

And the other size is Mirai-chan illustrated by Iizuki Tasuku sensei.

And here is all our goodies! But remember - not bringing that many with me though. If you want to be sure to get hold of some, please come to our booth early!

While many other sellers dont let you know the prices until you get to the venue - we pull no punches - here are the prices!
The Mirai Carry Cases are 15 SGD each. Each case comes with the Moekana Janken set of 3 cards.

Moekana T-shirts are 40 SGD each. Each T-shirt comes with a Moekana Couple Set (2 cards).

Each Mirai poster is 15 SGD and comes with an Itasha card. Probably good idea to bring one of those art cases to protect you poster - all we have are rubber bands to keep your poster rolled up.

If your wallet got hole liao, you shall get discount lah.

Get both Mirai Carry Cases for 25 SGD (5 SGD off).
Get both Moekana T-shirt for 70 SGD (10 SGD off).
Get all 10 posters for 120 SGD (30 SGD off).

And here is the main menu.

Discount menu.

You can also get the Japanese learning product Moekana at the AFA shop!

This is where we are located at Singapore Expo hall 7! Its right next to the AFA shop.
I will be on stage for much of my time but when I am not I shall be at my booth - look forward to seeing you soon!

As for folks who cant attend AFA - will make these goodies available online at a later date TBA.