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Asia's biggest anime event Anime Festival Asia is just around the corner to take place from 2011.11.11. What I particularly find incredible about the event is that its put together by a handful of folks when compared to the amount of staff that other cons have.

The company that hosts AFA is SOZO and I think the reason why they are able to output so much is because they are surrounded by cute 2D and plastic girlies in their office! Come to think of it - I think that's how I seem to be able to fit a load into the schedule ^^;

Today we take a lookie at the SOZO offices in Singapore. During my visit, bumped in to the king of anisong Mizuki Ichiro.

The SOZO offices are conveniently located in the far east square where they can eat Ya Kun Kaya toast every day - lucky sods!

We was going to hold Singapore CGM Night here but didn't get round to organizing it in time. Am looking for a venue for this years CGM Night - a maid cafe or something? Recommendations?

This lucky chap is surrounded by figures, money and vodka.

This chap likes 2D, 3D and plastic girls. If you was stuck on a deserted island, which would you choose to keep you company?

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Looks like a figure shop!

Signatures from various guests.

Annotate your waifu.

Your AKB48 Waifu is who?

These photos were taken after AFAX last year where everybody enters PAFAW (Post AFA Withdrawal).

While its ok to have many 2D waifu's, having more than 1 3D waifu is taboo.

I was recently asked to make a Gunpla kit to display at a Gundam event in Singapore. Was initially thinking of making a Mirai themed one but certainly not realistic given my current schedule ><
I'm lecturing at Nagaoka University next weekend and I have not prepared anything ToT

The mirai marked girl is a popular Singaporean celebrity who wants to remain anon for a while.
Anyway, this years AFA11 will feature guests such as Mizuki Ichiro, May'n, Lisa, Milky Holmes, Kanako Itou, Sea A, Go Nakanishi, Kaname, Kalafina, FLOW ad of course Hatsune Miku.
I'll be your host for AFA and will be on stage for most of the time and to make sure folks can understand what I'm talking about, I hope to pass my SPLT (Singlish Proficiency Language Test) Level 2. Ticketing info for AFA lives here.
Look forward to meeting you all again!

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