AFA 2014 Merchandise

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2014/11/25 16:02 JST in Culture Japan Booth
Its that time of year again! Anime Festival Asia 14 takes place next weekend and I've been practicing my Singlish for the past year ready for the event - the whole post below is written in Singlish with my Singaporean sensei Linus and Zhao here at Culture Japan HQ in Tokyo. Anyway here goes...

This year AFA is on December 5-7 (wah! next weekend!), at Suntec Singapore Convention Centre again. They say its the biggest anime event in Singapore, JB, and some say the whole Asia. And got a lot of seiyuu, anime producer, and many exhibitor. Also got us.
Summore, you can buy some Smart Doll, including Smart Doll 002: Kizuna Yumeno. First time bring her to event ^o^
If last time you want to buy Mirai or Kizuna but dont want pay shipping hor, go AFA can buy without shipping. Just buy and bring them home direct. 700 SGD one.
We also gonna bring more great stuffs, just scroll down and see below ^o^
We made 6 new tshirt designs for Singapore.
Buy more, save more. You buy all 6, we give you secret present. On boh?
The price is all in SGD. Don't worry, got no GST one.
Kizuna is Tenshi.
If you think so too, this shirt is for you.
Chitose is Justice.
If you get it, you should get it. (get it?)
Mirai is Future.
For the most loyal fans out there.
Kizuna Yumeno.
Illustrated by DMYO.
If you don't like chibi, then maybe you like this full print shirt more.
Chitose Shirasawa.
Illustrated by DMYO.
Probably the most long-awaited full print t-shirt. First in Singapore.
Mirai Suenaga.
Illustrated by DMYO.
Show your love for Mirai and Smart Doll.
Tshirt too ex? Too shy to wear? Then buy poster la!
Only 10 each, buy 3 save 5 ^o^
It's the time of year to refresh those posters on your wall.
A closer look at the posters below. (And for those of you who won't be joining us in Singapore next weekend, feel free to print these images out on your home printer)
Culture Japan booth cannot dont have Japanese learning one.
Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, we bao ka liao. (The Moekana second edition we are bringing this year got Katakana also, and got new illustrations)
Christmas is coming, and Japanese is awesome. You know what to do for your friends who don't have Moekana yet.
This is the new Paper bag design for Singapore (wa, this year everything new leh).
You got buy, we will give you this swee swee paper bag. While stocks last.
Folks buying Smart Doll will also get this bag - not the legacy plastic one.
We are very near the entrance, just turn left.
Don't horlan ah!
The booth should look like this if the contractor don't forget about us (we small fry compared to the big players so we low priority one ><)
Very easy to find one! so see you there!
Oh ya, forgot to tell you.
We also bringing a Mirai Lambo.
If you like fast cars, or like to pose with fast cars in your cosplay, must come hor!
This year AFA mascot got anime, very cool sia! See the video below and see if you can spot mirai ^o^
I'll be at AFA for all 3 days and hope to see you there. But usually I am on stage and don't have much time to be at the booth to meet all of you. If you don't meet me at the event, then you can still meet me at CJ Night.
This year CJ Night will be on the Monday after AFA at Jurong Regional Library (4th floor) from 3pm to 8pm. Don't say bojio.
Join us there to talk cock sing song play Smart Doll.
I'm always looking for folks who can either work for us full or part time or take on commision work. If you got stuff to show me then just bring it along!