About Mirai Suenaga

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Who is Mirai Suenaga?

Mirai Suenaga (末永みらい) is the site mascot character for Culture Japan (dannychoo.com) who I developed with illustrator Azami Yuko. Mirai started off as a single illustration in the corner of the site back in 2007 and since then has gained much popularity worldwide.
There has been many Mirai collaboration projects with Japanese companies such as Good Smile Company, Cospa, Nitro Plus, Kadokawa, King Records and more.

More about Mirai

The kanji of her name is 末永未来 but "Mirai" is written as Hiragana. Her name means "Eternal Future".

  • Name: Mirai Suenaga (すえながみらい)
  • Birthday: March 3rd
  • Height: 165cm
  • 3 size: B86cm W58cm H85cm
  • Age: Forever sweet 17
  • Blood type: Unknown (has rare DNA)
  • Eldest daughter of the Suenaga family
  • Honest and diligent
  • Bright personality
  • Kind and gentle. loves to help others
  • Often jumps up and down when she's happy about something
  • Always wants to try out new stuff that she's curious about regardless of the outcome. Sometimes will end up dropping, breaking or unintentionally hurting somebody ^^;
  • As Mirai is an honest girl, she often believes anything she's told.
  • Haruka thinks that Mirai likes Eiji
  • Hobby is collecting Japanese swords and often swings them about in her room while watching samurai movies.
  • We often see Mirai's serious side as she battles with evilness to protect her younger sister Haruka.
  • Mirai's weapon of choice is the Millennium Blade.
  • Interests are Japanese swords, dogs, archery and taking photos of roadworks.
  • Spoken languages are Japanese, English and Soruni.

Mirai is also the heroine for the story Mirai Millennium - will release the scenario soon but in the meantime checkout the following anime sequence of Mirai Millennium which has been adapted for the OP for Culture Japan Season 2. The OP is produced by JC Staff and Mirai Fusion.

Mirai and her comrades - more details here.

Apart from being in her own story, Mirai makes appearances in other anime and on TV too.
Mirai in the Starchild anime Mayo Chiki!

Mirai in the Kadokawa anime Twin Angel.

Mirai appears on the TV show Culture Japan as my co-host.

Mirai has a few bits of her own merchandise floating about like this figma figure by Max factory.

There's a load more Mirai merchandise including T-shirts, pillow covers and even food - check em all out on Mirai's merchandise page.

There is being quite a few Mirai Itasha too - check out more on the Mirai Itasha page.

The Mirai Mousepads with Wrist Support System is now on sale!

Cosplayers around the world like Alodia cospla as Mirai - check out more on the Mirai Cosplay page.

Dolls also like to dress up as Mirai.

Mirai in the Nitroplus game Sonicomi.

Many popular artists have given our Mirai-chan a doodle too like Yuzusoft's Kobuichi sensei!
This one of Mirai in her Winter school uniform.

Mirai-chan by Hagure Yuuki sensei.

Mirai-chan by Choco Chip sensei.

Mirai-chan in her Solar Marine uniform by DMYO (Nao Shirahane) sensei.

Mirai in her Aqua Skin swimwear by Refeia sensei.

Mirai in Solar marine gear by Piromizu sensei.

Mirai from the Moekana hiragana learning series by Ikkyu-san.

Mirai in her Retrograde Suit illustrated by Square Enix lead designer Skan Srisuwan.

Mirai-chan in Summer uniform by Mikeou sensei.

All the HD wallpapers lives here.

Quite a few pieces of fanart. Will set up a separate page for all fanart soon.
Some lovely artwork and mmm lovely eyes illustrated by Raynart from France.

Mirai has a new figure! Artwork by Inkscratch from Canada.

Our girls kitted out in Xmas gear illustrated by Tonee from Vietnam.