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Abercrombie & Fitch recently joined the fashion war district in the middle of Ginza by opening their first Japanese outlet last Tuesday.

Wifey and I was in Ginza last Thursday and she wanted to check out the place as shes into the fashion scene. In Japan, folks generally have a habit of being drawn towards queues and just line up - even if they don't know what they are lining up for!

To easily form a long queue, all you have to do is hold up a sign that says "Saikoubi" or "The end of the line is here" - people will automatically start to be sucked towards the end. Here Saikoubi is translated into "Tail End" ^^;

Japan Probe put up the following TV report of the opening.

Didnt take long to get in but once in, my nostril's were assaulted by an extremely strong smell of perfume. Maybe some members of staff didn't know that it was supposed to be sprayed on and instead started to drink bottles of it.

Apparently its part of their marketing strategy or something - people who go in come out smelling of perfume like we did and we automatically become walking adverts.

The place was extremely dark and music was very loud. I think they were trying to replicate some sort of club atmosphere.

This was the only decent shot I could get in the darkness of the type of apparel that they had in store.

Wifey reported back to us on Forever 21 which opened their first store in Harajuku earlier on this year. While in Japan these brand names seem to be hot and gather a load of crowds n buzz, I hear that in the US they are bog standard apparel stores. I'm not too familiar myself so cant really comment.

A few Japanese reports including the one on Japan Probe cover how despite other brands are pricing their current season of clothes at low prices, Abercrombie don't seem competitive enough.

I usually get my clothes from Zara, Comme Ca, Muji and Uniqlo and most of it is black ^^;
What are the popular apparel outlets in your neck of the woods that you recommend?

Here is that perfume - berry smelly and bad for my asthma - had to leave the building first ^^;

The outside of the store looks like this. They made it so that you cant see whats inside - until you go in.

As with the opening day that you saw in the video report above, Abercrombie has a bunch of half naked men showing their oppai at the entrance where you can have photos with them. Is that a Japan thing only?
But apart from good looking men with their oppai hanging out, they also had a load of very cute looking lady shop assistants too - without oppai hanging out. They were so cute that you would automatically look twice against your own will!

Many of the staff seems to be gaijin looking so if you have looks to kill and need a job in Japan then they *may* consider you.

Question for women - Do you have looks to kill?:Yes:Average looking:No

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