A10 Cyclone

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2009/09/07 08:54 JST in Gadgets

Developed by a team of the worlds finest scientists, the A10 Cyclone is a state of the art dolphin washing machine. If you thought the Flip Hole had the last word on dolphin cleansing technology then you was mistaken.
Check out the video but be knowist that its NSFW.

As you saw from the video, the A10 spins like a washing machine but unlike a washing machine, you can change the drum inside to really scrub off that grime thats been accumulating around your dolphin.

Before usage, one should pour in the washing liquid to make sure the dolphin not only comes out squeaky clean - but to also prevent permanent damage.

They have made some attachments for the A10 for folks who own varying sizes of dolphin.

One can even set the A10 to auto-wash so you can even use it while commuting to work.

Remember that you should always talk to your dolphin and encourage it during the cleansing process.

In order to pack such an incredible amount of electronics into the A10, they've had to make the control unit separately.
They've made it looks like an MP3 player which is ideal for folks who want to hide the fact that they are washing their dolphin at school or during work.

This state of the art piece of technology can be yours for a mere 90 USD yen from Kanojo Toys with the controller for 72 USD.
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