A week in Tokyo

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2007/11/26 19:25 JST in A Week in Tokyo

In an attempt to bring you more of Japan, I'm starting a new series called "A week in Tokyo" where I will bring you snaps throughout my week. Hopefully this should give you more of a feeling of what typical life is like in Tokyo.
I wont be able to do this every week though ^^;

Starting off with Shibuya station at about 6PM. I notice that there are more and more live bands playing around the area. Could be the start of a new trend in Shibuya?

Taken just before a meeting with one of the Nico Nico Douga directors outside their offices. The sign is asking you not to jaywalk. Not enforced by law though. If one is caught by the police then they are likely to get just a warning. Whats it like in your region?

The monthy Blog Dinner that I attend - Japans top bloggers, IT and media folks attend this event to network and share ideas.

A guy from Sony attends the Blog Dinner too and shows off his new invention - the Rolly. Its an MP3 robot type thingy which dances around.

Charging my Suica card for the metro and buses. if you dont know how much to pay when you get on a train, buy the cheapest ticket and pay the difference when you get to the other side at these fare adjustment machines.
They didnt have these back in the UK when I lived there and it was a great excuse for London Transport to fine people 10 pounds - wankers.

A new Baskin Robbins being done up for an opening in my neighborhood.

On my way to Shibuya after a meeting at Roppongi with advertising agency Weiden and Kennedy. The Berry Waffle studios used to be here too.

Dinner meeting at an Izakaya.

Morning jog in Tokyo.

Looking for some PHP books.

Occasionally its quicker to take the bus - going to Tokyo station.

After a meeting with the largest distributor of eroge in Ikebukuro, I see a bunch of folk gathered together.

They are gathered around to see some guy doing calligraphy. Pay him some money and you can have your name done too.

Tokyo station - an underground metropolis.

Love the ads for the lottery - each family member is a sentai character.

Testing out the new modifications to the Vader armor. Need to make a new cod piece, mods to shin armor. Also need to get contacts just to do Vader.

The new helmet - much smaller than the first one.