A Week in Tokyo 9

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2008/03/13 05:33 JST in A Week in Tokyo

The latest installment of A Week in Tokyo.

We start off with a shot from the middle of a train crossing - load of them in Japan but never saw a single one in London. One could be waiting ages to cross depending on how many trains going back n forth.

On the way to the Good Smile office again - was going to do the Max Factory tour today but in a "week in tokyo" slot. Tour upload will tomorrow.

Sushi dinner over meeting. This is what I usually order.
Up until recently, I usually ordered everything without wasabi and then watched a TV program on how good wasabi is for the body - now I always take my sushi (or sashimi) with wasabi ^^; While I don't particularly like the taste, its grown on me somewhat.
Do you order your sushi/sashimi with or without wasabi?

Love the ribbons.

Ebi-chan desu.

Folks living in Japan should subscribe to the Mc Donalds mobile newsletter - it contains coupons like this which get you a few hundred yen off each meal. When you are at Mc D's next, scan the QR code on the tray leaflet for the signup form.

I think I talked this before but cant remember ^^; Caught the "always-hunting-for-wifi" disease since I got the iPod Touch...

In a shopping center in Kanagawa checking out the latest trends.

More and more shopping complexes are being built in and around Tokyo. Your region has many too?

Blue skies in Shibuya. Shibuya is only a few stops from where I live so I spend a lot of my time there consulting, shopping and dancing.

Shibuya bus terminal.

The bad thing about Japanese food menus is that all the food looks so nice that its difficult to make a quick decision on food. At times I would ask the waitress to decide for me and say "anything apart from liver, intestines or camel poo."

Miso soup with Shijimi to compliment dinner.

Shopping for groceries.

Yakitori over dinner meeting.

More dinner outside - this time its a beef bowl with curry.

Half boiled egg on pizza tastes great - more lunch meeting shenanigans.

Bicycles illegally parked get a free warning sticker the first few times. Repeating offenders will find that their bike gets taken away by the governing body. A fee of about 3000 yen is needed to get the bike back.

Most people register their bikes when they buy one and stick an ID sticker on the frame - thats how they know the bike belongs to you - they dont come after you and just send you a postcard. If you decide not to pick the bike up, they recycle or dispose of it.

You is laek melons?

Yes I do eat at home sometimes. And yes there is usually a figure on the table to fidget with.

Figma Haruhi - too cute.

Todays lunch - squid yakisoba in black bean sauce. Some anin tofu for dessert.

More servers at home mean more hubs needed - picked up a nice mini hub today after lunch. Is you using wireless or wired at home?

The latest BugBug and ToLove Ru.

Hmmmm. If only I had manga like this to use while I was a young chap learning Japanese - comes with furigana on the Kanji too.
Cum to think of it, this manga is a coloring book, Japanese learning aid and dolphin waxing aid too - all for only 390 yen.

- sorry, couldn't be bothered to Mirai-mark this.
Tis the new up n cumming game by Toshihide Sano - trailer below.

Tis the season to be jolly - hayfever season to be precise. This years pollen levels are three times more than last year. While most people go about wearing these in public, I chose to wear a Respro mask instead. I get odd looks for some reason.

The lovely Tanaka Rena asks tired passengers to look into her eyes. Rena in action below.

Walking about in Kitasenju after karting. I remember looking for a house in this neck of the woods. Prices were cheap but its too far from central Tokyo.

Picking some tempura - not much left to choose from ^^;