A Week in Tokyo 8

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Wed 2008/03/05 08:15 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Another tough but fun week in Tokyo.
Wonfes, photo/video shoot in Shibuya, visit to Ikea to get stuff for the office, visit to the Good Smile and Max Factory offices in west Tokyo for meetings, fruitful meetings with a record label and releasing part of the Mirai Gaia platform.

First off is the entrance to the Max Factory offices. The building used to be a convenience store which Max Factory acquired and made into their figure design studio. More from the inside later this week.

Lunch with my Good Smile comrades at a restaurant run by Max Factory called Indo Tei.

Why steal underwear when you can buy them for cheap?

Shopping for groceries at the local shopping precinct.

Looking for a basket to attach to the front of the bike for sticking in groceries and eroge mags. A basket would probably look odd on this bike but at the same time be practical - my wife has one on hers ^^;

Desk O Macs. That MacBook screen is darn dark compared to the new Macs.

In a meeting with a record label. For some reason there are photos of the Primaries and illustrations of Mirai-chan on the table.
There seems to be some form of manga near the top of the photo too..

Green Tea ice cream (Maccha). Dont usually eat this but it tasted surprisingly good.

The only way to fit in the amount of meetings I need to have is by having them over din dins.

My first time playing Taiko no Tatsujin.

I always found this interesting. Japanese folk traditionally don't sprinkle salt or pepper on their food.
In many restaurants, if you ask for salt or pepper, they bring it out in a small dish as they don't have any table top salt/pepper containers.

Meeting dessert.

Went directly to Ikea after a photo/video shoot as going home to change would just be a waste of time. Trying out some office chairs.

Some lighting which I will go back to get.

When I first came to Japan, there was no Ikea and we got most of our stuff at Tokyu Hands and Muji which cost a bomb. Now much of our furniture is from Ikea. Tis cheap and quality is good considering the price.

Do you own furniture from Ikea? I know that many of you figure collectors own the Detolf clear glass case.

Got some glass for a whiteboard and two of those office chairs.

Being a nuisance at the Ikea checkout ^^;

Do like the Ikea hotdogs.

Kaisen (seafood) Yakisoba for dinner - no meeting this time.

In Chiba for meetings.

A disaster evacuation guide. Is it just me or does it look like a man running into a hole?

A peek at some of the goodies that I suddenly acquired last week...
First off is the gorgeous Ryuna by Max Factory.

Figma Haruhi Get.

The PS2 Haruhi game with the exclusive Figma Haruhi on the left. Didn't plan on getting the game so this get was a welcome surprise ^^;
Figma wonfes Konata and Yuki = get.

Max Factory Polo Wendy and a bunch of CDs.

This photo was supposed to be at the end of the post but my script decided otherwise ^^;
Tis this weeks room.

Continuing to look at the SAFS (Suddenly Acquired FigureS). Me has a feeling that the term will be heard more often ^^;
Tis Manami-chan from Manabi Straight - another anime which I still have not finished orz.

Wonfes Nendoroid and Tsuruya-san get.