A Week in Tokyo 86

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2013/04/28 18:38 JST in Tokyo Photos
The series that I abandoned for so long "A Week in Tokyo" is back ><
Life is moving too fast now and unless I continue to document it then there will be big gaping gaps in it. Looking through previous instalments, I realize how much is missing which has always been a regrettable subject for me of late.
I tried to keep you updated regularly through my Instagram but I'm really not too happy with the square photos. Even if I dont add any filters, the Instagram app compresses photos taken on the mobile and makes them look pretty crap. These days I'm trying to set aside time so that I can go through and post photos that I've taken on my Digital SLR's instead.
Are there any other decent photo sharing sites that dont diss with the image size and compression that you recommend?
I'm still trying to work out a work flow and have been using tools like Hazel for the Mac to automate the process. Just like I make time to brush mah teeth, eat, shower, weight train, mineral deposit etc - I'm trying to set aside time to prep and post photos for the A Week in Tokyo series - lets see how it works out ^^;
Anyway - Photos in this post taken mostly in the month of March. First photo - bumped into some sweet ladies at Harajuku offering free hugs.
Gundam Unicorn Blu-ray get. How many of you have been watching?
Only in Japan can you find an estate agent which has One Piece figures in the window. Awesome.
I start to sneeze whenever I walk past these ><
Dont play with the external screen settings on your CM10 or you will brick your phone like I did. Luckily I made a made a backup. Making backups of your stuff is very important as memory devices just die. Without the backup you will waste a lot of time trying to recover data rather than a shorter amount of time restoring data.
Have you had any unpleasant experiences with data loss?
Picked up a Buffalo 1Seg tuner for my iPad which allows me to watch TV on it. Pretty handy to have around the workspace when I cant be in front of the TV for news. Quality is 1Seg though meaning very pixelated but the sound is quite decent.
About to tackle the MMM (Morning Mountain of Mail).
Ramen for lunch at Nawate in Musashikoyama. Really nice but be prepared to come out smelling like burnt meat ><
In March I was appointed by the Japanese government as a member of the METI Creative Industries Internationalization Committee. This is my gear ready to give my talk.
Out n about in lovely Ginza - I love coming here and not sure why - maybe I'm going to have a shop here in the future?!
An example of some of the samples that get sent to my office - 1/12 scale toilet. Who wants it?
Another 1/12 scale toilet sample that arrived at the office. Thats. Just. Great.
Nice cars at the Nissan showroom at Ginza.
Together with the Anime Expo team at Ginza. How many of you are going AX this year?
More cute girlies spotted at Akihabara during the regular Akihabara Shops run.
Try to eat at Negishi when you are next at Akihabara - its so nice!
Cuties spotted in Akihabara.
Together with the AFA team in Akihabara. Cant wait to see you at the next AFA which will take place in...
Nomnoms on mushroom salad at our local Italian place in Musashikoyama.
SAO and Haganai gatcha - which do you go for first?
The number of masked men and women in Tokyo increases during the hay fever season ><
Dragonball characters now eat their defeated opponents.
A sea of bicycles at the Musashikoyama Palm shopping arcade.
With the Bushiroad big boss Kidani-san.
Playing with some Canon Tilt Shift lens.
My S3 screen all scratched up - time to change the protective film again.
Dyson Digital Slim get - I love hoovering ^^;
Got some CableDrop thingies to help keep those cables at bay.
They dont stick well when placed underneath a table though.
3DS get. Loving it so far. Got the white version so it will prob turn yellow like my DSLite.
Picked up the charging stand for my 3DS LL. More photos in the new series Gaming Life.
Catching the last of the Sakura before it disappears.
Out n about the Nishikoyama area.
Do you get to see cherry blossoms in your neck of the woods too?
Some light novels with artwork by DMYO-sensei (Shirahane Nao).
Which is your type? I prefer the brown haired girl.
This why I pickedup the 3DS. I love the Castlevania series and Lords of Shadow is awesome.
Since I mentioned that I like Cinnamon Toast - comrades from around the world have been replenishing my stock!
This is how we recycle milk cartons in Japan - we wash, dry, cut and fold out flat before recycle collection.
Heading out to Kanamachi again - I go there so much that I practically live there! The reason why I go there is this.
The winner of the latest giveaway is Teensy - check her photos here of Miku which we sent her recently ^o^
My cough fix - Pei Pa Koa. Am always running low on supplies ^^;
Relaxing for a wee bit at Starbucks.
Meetings at Jimbocho with Windows 100% regarding the Mirai Suenaga MMD model.
Just arrived at the Wieden+Kennedy offices in Tokyo.
Inside the Wieden+Kennedy offices. Very nice. Many moons ago they produced the Nikon commercial that I was in - just managed to get hold of the HD version below.
Meetings with Sato Dai in Kichijoji - heading back to base.
McDees once in a while tastes good. Having brekkie with Shibuya Rin. How often do you eat McDees?
Dragonball is absolutely everywhere in Japan now ^^
Sushi for dindins - this is a collection of my fave - can you name them all?
Out in About in Musashikoyama Palm for dindins.
About to nom on some ramen for lunch.
Having some Katsu Curry at a highway rest area.
About to dip into a well earned hot spring.
Filming at Lucypop Musashikoyama.
Japanese bags are better - and this is why.
Japanese bags are better - and this is why (part 2)
Tonights groceries.
Lunch time!
Was interviewed recently and this is what they used - nice recorder that takes video too.
Two old men with their dolls - together with the producer of Mikunopolis - Toshihiro Fukuoka.
This Japanese restaurant is gorgeous.
Photo time with Yuki-chan.
Yuki-chan relaxing after a day out n about.
Together with our trusty steed somewhere in North Japan.
Out n about filming in the Nikko area.
Visiting Toshogu - I owe you a bunch of photos ><
Mirai Nendoroid and Figma guard our car at all times.
Kiddy trollies in Japanese malls are kinda cool.
Nice apartment in Tokyo for 130000 yen/month.
Some of the latest Japanese smart phones - which looks good to you?
Colonel Sanders now has a dragon radar. I learned very recently that they only have these Sanders statues in Japan.
A bustling weekend at the Musashikoyama Palm shopping arcade.
The streets of Tokyo in my hood.
No blowing pepper onto passengers.
2D characters encourage us to keep to the rules and join the fire brigade.
Out n about on the Marunouchi line heading to the Bushiroad offices.
The office of late.
Paying a visit to Meiji Jingu in Harajuku.
Shibuya 109.
Shibuya is gorgeous by night.
Got myself a charger for my playstation controllers - charges two at the same time.
Previous A Week in Tokyo instalments listed up below - I hope to keep up the regular updates ><