A week in Tokyo 7

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2008/02/19 00:25 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Not so many external meetings for the past week and have been frantically working on the next major changes to dannychoo.com which I aim to release this week if all goes well.

Pic of the recently acquired bicycle parked on a cold n crisp morning on the way to get some Mc Donalds breakfast.

Never have been able to ride a bicycle for most of my life until I tried out my wifes new mini bicycle. I found I could actually ride it and then decided to get my own....hmmmm. I'm having a wave of Deja Vu - have I talked about this before? I forget so will continue anyway ^^;

The bicycle cost about 20000 yen. Is light weight (about 3 Kg) and can fold up small enough to fit in my trouser pocket. Cone to think of it - thats lighter than my MacBook Pro ^^;

An ad for one of those stamina drinks aimed at the salary man. I hear that drinking too many of these is bad for you.

Mc Donalds has these video chat terminals where you can chat to people who are at other Mc Donalds - never seen anybody using these.

Fancy a nurse, maid, cheerleader or sailor fuku costumes for cheap? If so then give this UFO catcher a whirl.

The yummy Miho Tanaka - video of her below.

Meeting lunch in Shibuya - some Thai food.

Picking up some side dishes. Side dishes are called "Okazu" but Okazu is also the term used for "material-that-one-looks-at-while-dolphin-waxing."

4 side dishes for 630 yen.

Nothing better than a walk on a cold n crisp sunny morning listening to the birds chirp.

On the move by car. This road was blocked of yesterday for the Tokyo Marathon.

Sorting out through a load of mags to get rid of and bring to Book Off. Mostly Pasokon Paradise, BugBug, Dengeki Hime, Megami Magazine, NewType, some doujinshi and previous brochures from Wonfes etc.

I generally try to get rid of mags and keep if most of the mag has info that I want to refer to later of if its full of nice 2D girls - some of the Dengeki Hime and Megami issues are hit n miss. If there only a few pages then I will rip them out, scan or photo them and keep electronically to save space.

Been round to some comrades houses where I would see issues of mags (stacks of them) which are over ten years old ^^; What do you do with your old mags? Do you keep them in sight, stock them out of sight or trash/give them away?

Folks on the way to work in the morning.

Sunny Shibuya - bus terminal exit. Amazon offices is the tall building on the left of the pic.

Folks lining up for lunch at a Chinese restaurant.

This weeks room.

Currently going through rehabilitation for my back - this is my rehab plan. Why cant the illustration style look like this instead ^^;

Some Kaisen Yakisoba over dinner meeting.

Devil May Cry 4 is utterly awesome. I do try to get in at least one stage per day. A new weapon called the Death Bringer makes DMC 4 so much more enjoyable. Use the Death Bringer to hurl yourself across the screen, grab enemies and smash them into the floor or fling them around the screen ^^;
See some of the gameplay footage below where you can see the Death Bringer in action.

Old rubbing along with the new.

Many small shopping streets are closed off in the afternoons for folks to do their grocery shopping. This road is closed off from 3 to 7pm.

Love the way folks like up their bicycles neatly in the middle.

Construction on a new shop.

Grabbing some vegetables n fruits.

The phone number has only 7 digits meaning that this shop has been here since the dawn of civilization.

Grabbing some meat for dinner.

Indoor local market selling all sorts of groceries.

More meetings in Shibuya.

Burger lunch just after getting the iPod Touch.

Is Tokyo the only city where mags full of cute girls are handed out for free?

Some curry for dinner - thanks to member Windbell for brining over the curry packs from Singapore ^^;