A Week in Tokyo 77

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2012/05/29 17:22 JST in Japan

Have a read through this post and tell me what you prefer:-
1. More regular life-from-Tokyo photo updates - but photos are iPhone Instagram quality or,
2. Lesser updates but taken with a DSLR - the type of photos that I usually take.

I personally prefer the regular landscape photos - the quality is so much better but current technology does not allow me to upload to the Internets from my camera - Sure I could use eye-fi but I cant post text with each photo. I want to be able to do updates on the go and thats what the iPhone currently enables me to do.
Currently I post everything to my Instagram (user id = dannychoo) which then gets propagated to my Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook - this post is a collection of those photos taken over the past week. Any Japanese in this post that you see was posted at the same time from the iPhone.

This post is called A Week in Tokyo 77 because I plan to go back in time to write 71 - 76 which will cover the past few months that I missed.

First photo - heading back to the office from lunch. I love Japan’s rail crossings - the sound feels so nostalgic from the time I first visited Japan.

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Good morning! How about some Tokyo blue skies to start the day?

There is a cat at my entrance with red eyes.

Buying some groovy tunes on iTunes. You can see what I buy by following me on iTunes Ping. Most of the tunes are electronic or lounge.

Working on Mirai Millennium - here is a sneaky peeky.

Roadwork machinery in Japan is so cute and chibi - but noisy.

Caption this image.

Thai for lunch - which of these would you choose?

Thai Hofun for lunch with a Popura-chan.

Guilty Crown gatcha on the streets of Tokyo. I've seen gatcha machines in many parts of Asia - how about in your neck of the woods?

Stopping by a temple on the way back to base.

View from the train track.

I love Japan’s shopping streets called Shotengai.

Lanterns on the streets of Japan are so cool. Would you hang these in your room?

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Out n about on the Mirai Itachari.

Do you know what Japanese traditional character this is called?

Trains in Japan are so on time that you can set your watch by them.

Even street signs in Japan are cooler. Can you guess what this sign is saying?

These park signs are brilliant! Can you add some interesting text below each item?

At Hatanodai Shotengai.

Example prices of apartments ranging from 630 usd - 755 usd per month. How does that compare to your woods?

“Tomare” is the imperative form of "tomaru" meaning "stop."

Sending Mirai’s doll uniform to factory overseas for mass production.

Prepping the Itachari post. I use a software called Photo Mechanic to sort the order - there is a tool that then renames the image file name.
The photos are zipped up and uploaded to Mirai Gaia where the photos are then inserted into the database in the order that I specified and automatically sent to Flickr.

You will be able to use these tools in Mirai Gaia Ruby soon.

Mirai school uniform back from the dry cleaners. Decided to use a half mannequin as I can hang it up on a wall.

Figma Robocop is extremely well made!
You can look for him on one of the following trusted retailers.

She fell from the ceiling. I think I’ll name her Reina.
またもらっちゃった>< 7人目のお迎えだ。レイナと言う名前にしよう。

Paying the annual fee to my neighborhood association which is known as Chokaihi ]. Its not compulsory but everybody pays it and is separate to the taxes that folks pay to the government.
This fee helps fund local activities in the area such as festivals. Paying of this fee goes way back into Japan's past where villages would ask residents to chip in.
You can choose not to pay it but cold stares from the neighbors you shall receive if you dont. Its only 2400 yen per year. Any similar fees like this in your neck of the woods?

You can even make nomalicious dishes with Moekana.

Shinobu Oshino figure by Good Smile Company - very cute and looks great with the plants!

Shiitake mushroom tea tastes lovely - do try it!

Downloading the PSP version of Ridge Racers 2 - actually downloaded it first on my PS Vita and now downloading it on the PSP. Got it because the Vita version of Ridge Racer was apparently a rip off with only 3 tracks and 3 cars.
Ridge Racers 2 for PSP in action below.

Ridge Racer is my all time fave racing game. Folks say that the cars dont handle realistically - but how realistic are you going to get on a game console anyway?

What was the last game you bought?:Diablo 3

Editing footage taken at Goodsmile for the Asian broadcast of Culture Japan - a few announces in the show!

These flags are called Nobori which are now used in Japan as advertising tools. They were used in the past to identify clans in battle.

Lunch! Dont know why the sausages have bones in them though.

Heading to Lazona in Kawasaki - our car navigation leading the way.

At Kawasaki Lazona. 川崎ラザーナにて。

Bump into Mr Ken Lee at Lazona.

Popura-chan joins us for dindins.

580 yen dinner.

Didn't really get time to enjoy this meal as we were rushing to make the movie.

iPhone 5 prototype get. Not.

Watched Battleship - t’was a fun show! About 1200 yen or about 15 USD per seat. How does that compare to your woods?

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Spiderman is out June 30th in Japan. When is it out in your kingdom?

Paying for the parking - 600 yen.

Next Mirai Itasha.

I'm still on the iPhone 4. Does the iPhone 4S take better pictures in low light? I'll probably upgrade with the iPhone 5.

Break time with some Ridge Racers 2 - got myself one of those cables that allows me to play on the TV. Our Regza TV has a game mode which makes retro games (or anything with a lower resolution than full HD) look good.

The question on this quiz show is "Why do kangaroo's lick their front feet?"

Looks like somebody is making some shoes.

Ebi Gyoza (prawn dumplings) for brekkie.

There is something about girls with chains.

Homu Homu.

Dracuriot poster.

Sony HXR-NX70J which we use to shoot Culture Japan. Any of you in TV/Video production and if so what camera do you recommend?

Moekana T-Shirt container sample arrived. Aiming to have a full fleet of Moekana T-shirts ready by late Summer.

Cheap cyclops cosplay.

About to kill a watermelon with mah katana.

Here are my most fave Super Famicom games. All of them by Konami! cWhats your all time fave Super Famicom game?

Reina-chan kawaii ><

More cute girlies on the streets of Tokyo.

Japanese Mc Donald’s tastes good once in a while.

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The service level in a Japanese Mc Donald’s is just astoundingly good!

Japanese streets have so much character.

Lunch in Japan for 280 yen or 3.51 USD. Who said it was expensive to live here?

This chap wants you to come play.

Peaceful Japan !

Throwing out the paper for recycle collection.

More progress on Mirai Millennium.

Skype with my man Chris getting ready to roll our Mirai Gaia Ruby soon.

Ginger Ale and Robocop. Dead or alive you are drinking with me.

Moekana in weekly Ascii!

Discovering a new neighborhood at Hatanodai.

One of the reasons why I love Japan - always a new discovery! Stumbled onto this neck of the woods filled with gorgeous residential housing.

Sunny day in Tokyo.

Italian for lunch.

Out n about on the itachari.

The bring-your-own-toppings pizza.

What flavor is this pizza? Why that’s the bring-your-own-toppings pizza my son.