A Week in Tokyo 70

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The A Week in Tokyo series started back in 2007 - the purpose was to help me keep a log of my life and to share what life is like in Japan with folks around the world.
2007 was when I started up my company Mirai Inc and if you read through the series, you will be able to observe how I built my business over the years in Japan and how the expansion of the company has changed my life.

Of late, my company has started to become busier as we gain more clients and TV work. Its only the beginning of April as I write this and so much change has already happened this year.
TV production makes up the bulk of our income and I currently have two TV shows - Culture Japan and Check Time (which I will write about soon!). I'm currently working with two Japanese electronics manufacturers to introduce another TV show which starts this Summer.

After spending much time of late with my comrade Aki Takanori (Good Smile Company CEO), I came to the conclusion that I'm not agressive enough in running my business. He is only a year older than me and has achieved so much. I feel that I started off late in life - I started to regain my life after I discovered Japanese culture but I wish I has done so at an earlier age.
As I get older, my goals become clear but I dont have much time left to complete them. This is why I continue to encourage young folks out there to seek and discover what their passion is and set goals in life before its too late - but thats a full subject that I need to write up about soon ^^;

Anyway, I've missed out on a few of these A Week in Tokyo posts but want to catch up as I dont want to leave anymore voids in my life.

The last time I made a post was beginning of October 2011 - this post continues and covers most of October and a wee bit of November. First photo - out n about on the Yamanote line heading to a meeting.

I've been living in my neck of the woods for about 6 years now and Its still a new discovery everyday - out n about exploring a new shotengai area nearby.

Regular trip to Lazona in Kawasaki to check out whats going on.

Thai for dindins.

Broadcasting live from the iPhone - you can check this broadcast and my others over at Twitcast. Broadcasts are announced on my Twitter and Facebook.
The plastic device on the table is a beeper which you are given that lets you know when your food is ready.

I love Padthai!

Checking out some chairs at Muji and actually falling asleep. I can sleep just about anywhere at anytime ^^;

Checking out the beds - and actually falling asleep ^^;

These boxes can be used to keep your cables tidy just like this. More cable management ideas here.

Grabbing one of these down jackets from Uniqlo - missed out last year as they are so popular! Love they way they keep you warm and how you can roll them up and fit them up your nose.

The girls from Cold Stone sing us a tune.


Our trusty Mirai Itasha.

First time having lunch at this restaurant nearby - all I could taste was the smoke of *everybody* smoking instead - I guess that would make my dish "Smoked Chicken."

When its busy editing there is not much time to go out to eat - time for some Oden to save the day.

Editing one of the Culture Japan Season 2 episodes.

Starting to talk with various printers about the Moekana project. Plastic packaging costs quite a bit so decided to go with coated cardboard instead.

At Tokyo Station looking for some grub.

Taking a long train trip in Japan is all about the Bento boxes. Bento ] is a Japanese lunch box which is usually filled with rice and other side dishes.

Movie about the spacecraft Hayabusa.

There is also a Shinkansen bullet train called Hayabusa too.

Today we are off to Nagaoka in the Niigata Prefecture ] as I've been invited to give a lecture at the Nagaoka Institute of Design.

It really is amazing watching folks clean the carriages with such passion - a positive example of "Only in Japan."

Our Bento for the trip up to Nagaoka.

Arrival at Nagaoka station. The face you see on the scarecrow is called "Heno Heno Mo He Ji" because its made up of the hiragana .
I first learned of this when self studying Japanese from the manga Ranma.

About to give my lecture. Will post photos that I took that day in a separate post.

Lecture done - back off to Tokyo at the end of the day.

Now you know what a firework looks like on the inside.

Our ride for the day.

Meeting with Vividblaze - we are about to produce our first collaboration CD which will be called "Mirai Music."

Lunch at a cafe in Musashikoyama.

Mirai listening to some Mirai Music.

Vividblaze lead singer Miho-chan!

Today's lunch is Harumaki.

With our Mirai Suenaga voice actress UTACO after a session of voice dubbing for Culture Japan. Today we is being donning some animu glasses from JList.

These robot vacuum iRobot thingies became so popular in Japan that other Japanese manufacturers decided to make their own ones too!

Mio joins a new school and joins me for some tempura lunch.

Came down with a fever - time for some Shin Lulu A medicine.

Designing the Mirai Mousepad took months for many reasons. We were working with a factory in Taiwan who had to periodically send over samples - and it took ages to get the shape and print correct.
I wanted to make the softest ever health mousepad and after a few months we got it right. Folks who own the Mirai Mousepad should be able to tell you first hand how soft it is.

Working with the lads on the Yuzusoft website launch.

Dindins at the Palm shopping arcade in Musashikoyama.

Some chibi Kamen Rider up for grabs.

UTACO is back for more voice dubbing.

Some prezzies from voice actress Kitta Izumi - and its not even valentines day ^^;

At the Banei Studios dropping an episode of Culture Japan on to tape. TV production in Japan still relies heavily on tape distribution. How many of you working in the TV industry?

Yuki-chan keeps us company.

Some panties and stockings in our local arcade.

Halloween came and went.

Dindins at home! We do have a fair balance of eating home and out - how about you?

This Poll is now expired

This Poll is now expired

Its TIFFCOM (Tokyo International Film Festival Content Market) time and many folks seeking Japanese contents are in town. I'm having some brekkie with folks from Hong Kong TV station TVB.

With the top guys at TVB. Hope to announce something soon!

...."or your dog will chew on other peoples arms."

Japan is a bicycle culture which means that bicycles get left about everywhere. Posters like this let everybody know what a nuisance illegally parked two wheelers can be.

Me giving a talk at the Tokyo International Anime Festival. Its always an honor giving talks for the government and also a great opportunity to network with other folks in the industry.
Once you have discovered your passion and start to share it - good things will happen. I encourage you all to do the same!

Printing a few hundred new business cards for my trip to Singapore.

Testing out a sample T-shirt and trying (and failing) to be one of those magazine model types. This Mirai Millennium illustration is by Kazunori Iwakura who is also responsible for titles like Railgun, Toradora, Sky Girls, Kimikiss, Daphne in the Brilliant Blue, Shakugan no Shana, Hidan no Aria and more.

We streamed most of the voice dubbing sessions live on Ustream.

I has a sweet tooth as you may have already guessed ^^;

The K-ON! girls at our local shopping arcade.

One of the top folks from Anime Expo comes to town for a visit.

Wifey's Singapore Laksa om nom.

The office back in October.

Out n about in the Hanzomon area.

There is something cool about seeing kanji on the roads.

Google Maps in my iPhone lied to me and I got lost - me grabs a taxi to get me to my destination and I'm late ><

My main work with the Japanese government is everything "Cool Japan" and I'm usually called to give a talk at conferences which cover this topic. Today I'm giving a talk with a few other folks who are also doing their part to share cool Japan with the world.

This reminds me that my online profile has not been properly updated for over a year ToT.

Some Chinese food for dindins! Well most Chinese food in Japan is not actually Chinese as its been heavily adapted to local tastebuds. What about Chinese food in your neck of the woods? Authentic or localized in taste?

This Poll is now expired

More noms at home.

Culture Japan Season 2 production in full swing.

At the Italian family restaurant called Popolamama in Hatanodai.

Tsukemen ] is where you dip noodles into a soup - I should try this more often as its quite yummy.

My fave sushi is Engawa - do try it!

At out local sushi gaff.

The power drink S Cup teams up with Gundam for a collaboration. Collaborations are key to growing a business. Some folks may not like carrots but if carrots and apples team up then that collaboration may cultivate new consumers.
If you are starting a business but are not keen on working with others as you "want to maintain your share" then you are going to have to do double the work to make your brand succeed.

Picking up some Tepika Gell refill - a blob in your palm is enough to get rid of any dirt on your hands.

The Korean girl group Rainbow-A join their comrades to enter the Japanese market.

Typhoons brought down a load of trees in our local park.

Packing up to head out to Anime Festival Asia in Singapore.
More life in Tokyo in the photo posts listed up below!