A week in Tokyo 6

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2008/01/05 17:59 JST in A Week in Tokyo

The past week of the year had two events (Comike / YouTube Neta Battle) and was filled with many other meetings mainly in the Shibuya area.

Here we are on the way to Shibuya for an early morning meeting. Dom joins the SOS dan on the dashboard.

Attended the comike but didn't pick anything up apart from these eroge leaflets and To Love-ru clear folder.

The room this week - will let you know what that egg like object is in a review soon.

Tiny houses = tiny Christmas trees.

Some Yakiniku for dinner - the cook your own meat thing that Bill Murry found strange in "Lost in Translation."

Taken in Roppongi at about 8PM.

There is a pet shop in Roppongi with adorable puppies in the window. This little chap was on sale for about 140000 yen. Judging from the price, I presume its alive when you buy it.

Outside Tokyo Midtown. Many salary men leaving for home and couples just arriving for dinner.

Some illuminations in Roppongi.

Playing with a friends Eye-Fi. This is too awesome for words. It uploads images from your camera to your computer and you can also have the images automatically upload to a photo sharing service of your choice. No more messing about with wires.

End of year gathering at Weiden and Kennedy.

The gathering was with some Weiden and Kennedy staff and senior members of the monthly Blog Dinner. The few members in this room have a network that reaches just about anybody in the Japanese internet industry.

Top bloggers Drift King and Mitaimon.

This sweet lady is Hina-san - blogger and director of many maid cafes in Akiba.

The offices at Weiden and Kennedy in Tokyo are situated in a building that was designed to be a snazzy restaurant with an apartment on top.

On the roof of the W+K offices.

The W+K office space. The nicest office space I've seen so far.

W+K enrance. All these are photos of the staff.

Modifying the armor. Nice n shiny on the outside - rough and nasty looking on the inside ^^;
The brown stuff is dried glue and not skid marks.

Armor needs regular maintenance as joints wear out after a while.

Some of the bits n pieces that I use in the armor.

Making new straps to hold up the thigh armor.

Out n about in Shibuya.

Outside the South JR train exit at Shibuya.

At Dogenzaka in Shibuya. Thanks to Xaky for taking the photos.

An afternoon of trooping deserves a good bowl of ramen.

More Shibuya near Miyamasu Zaka.

The bus route maps are just as complicated as the train maps.

Map of Shibuya.

One can take a train directly to China Town in Yokohama from Shibuya. Its about 20 mins or so.

Nice poster.

I lurve this dish - Agedashi Tofu. Deep fried been curd.

More food at an Izakaya (Japanese pub).

Airi arrives - photos already taken and need to sort.