A Week in Tokyo 68

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Today we cover life in Tokyo since I got back from Los Angeles. Awaiting me back in Tokyo was a hideous amount of work that piled up during my 3 week absence ^^;
Currently in the middle of Culture Japan Season 2 production. Last time I directed and presented on the show but this time round I'm trying my dab hand at being a Producer too. I'm also learning the ropes as a cameraman for episodes where Mirai-chan is guiding you around Japan.

I edited a few episodes for Season 1 but this time round I'm going to try to edit the whole of season 2. I know I'm biting off much more than I can chew but its the best way to learn and by doing so, hopefully I'll be able to take the traditional TV production processes that were taught to me and streamline them which should make Season 3 even easier to produce. That's the theory anyway ^^;

First photo - at the design studios of Noriaki Miyata - an industrial architect who also does work for Good Smile Company, Kotobukiya and a load of other companies which I'm supposed to keep hush hush. I forgot the name of this equipment but you may have seen it before on my previous visits to the Good Smile Company offices. It enables the designer to feel objects as s/he pulls and prods - quite amazing ^^

Ah, nearly forgot to mention - was late replying to your comments on the A Week in Tokyo 67 but have just done so now ^^;;

The lovely Elly Otoguro. We met at the beginning of last year and have been working on bits n bobs ever since. And yes - she will be in Culture Japan Season 2 as my assistant ninja. Elly-chan below advertising the latest in flying bicycles.

Miyata-san looked familiar and it wasn't until he mentioned it when I realized that he was featured in Otacool 3 ^^;

Miyata-san can make virtually anything with his know-how and contacts. He makes a load of cars and does many of the Good Smile Racing models.

Met up with Miyata-san though Elly's friends in the fashion world but I didn't know that I was already connected to him via Good Smile and Kotobukiya - tis a small world!

Miyata-san has done very well for himself - this is the view from his studio apartment. He gets to say the "that's my Tokyo Tower. Wahahahahahahaha" Tis a Japanese joke desu.

There was some research somewhere saying that folks who are exposed to such a view of a city are inspired to be their own boss. Are you exposed to such a view regularly and do you aim to be your own boss?
Maybe it worked on me as I had the same view at Amazon and Microsoft ^^;

Tokyo has a lot of parks. One creepy reason mentioned on TV was that the parks were needed in the event that something bad happens to Tokyo...

July was the month when Mirai-chan made her anime debut as a guest in the TV anime series Twin Angel. She will also be in the current anime series Mayo Chiki too! Details in an up n coming post.

Tea tastes better in a German beer bug - because you get to have loads in one cup ^^;

Softbank now have this pocket WiFi product called Ultra WiFi which gives you 42Mbps down. Probably because there is an Ultraman inside. Costs 3880 yen per month for the service. Anything similar in your neck of the woods?

I love this - deep fried chicken on rice and costs under 500 yen.

Musashikoyama on a very hot Summers day.

Heading off to Makihari Messe for the Wonder Festival.

Our trusty carnavi guides the way.

Coverage of this Summers Wonfes listed up below.

At this Summers Wonfes, I worked with AmiAmi to hold a puchi Mirai-chan gallery of illustrations by some popular artists including Mikeo, Piromizu, Hagure Yuuki, Shirahane Nao (DMYO), Kobuichi, Choco Chip and Raemz.

Code Geass still going strong.

Tenpura set for dindins.

Its always great to meet up with readers from time to time. This time round its Tony. I'm trying to set up something regular once a month but need to find a restaurant first.

Whenever there is construction work on roads or houses that last for more than a few days, residents in the area will get a notice to say how long the work will go on for. In this case this notice even outlines the processes that will take place on the construction of the nearby houses - interior, exterior, roofing etc.
I love the attention to detail and thought that Japanese folks have for others.

Tea time!

Fish time!

Mosquito incense that we burn throughout the Summer.

Tis Summer time which means Yukata time - lovely but rather short Yukata tailored by Chun ^^;

BTW, the large banner poster of Mirai-chan you can see in the background is available at Kid Nemo for worldwide shipping.

The girls have been up to something while I'm not looking.

This weeks catch from the hole in the ceiling. Anything here tickles your wee fancy?

Spent a week in Tohoku which was the most heavily affected by the earthquake and tsunami. All coverage so far listed up below with more to come.

Also spent some time in Sendai - the largest city in Tohoku. The annual Tanabata Festival took place as usual but as with many festivals - it was at risk of being cancelled as many thought that it wasn't appropriate to have fun.
Shortly after the earthquake, many folks and businesses went into self restraint mode which started to affect the economy as nobody was spending money. Japan would have ended up much worse off if they listened to the folks who believed that everybody should stay indoors and sulk.

Out n about in Yoyogi.

Yusen Seki are seats at the end of each carriage that are reserved for the needed and elderly. If you are sitting near these seats then turn off your phone as they could affect folks with pacemakers.

One thing I like about Japanese trains - you get to have a drivers-eye view.

Some more anime titles get the Pachinko and Pachislot treatment.

More construction work going on with a sign which tells pedestrians how long work will last.

At the offices of Cybernoids - the folks who have technology that brings 2D to life - they responsible for apps like the iPhone Oreimo, Meruru and to-kin app. And yes - they are working on the Mirai-chan one as we speak ^o^

I never fail to think about my past when I eat Indian food.

With comrades at Cybernoids.

Changing trains at Shinjuku.

Getting my Yamanote line back to base.


Kaiten Sushi is the term used to refer to the conveyor belt style of sushi.

Recent office photo. Karin-chan is still nekkid as I haven't had time to dress her since I took her clothes with me to France ^^;

Running out of wall space for Mirai-chan posters.

If you are coming to Tokyo anytime soon then prepared to be cooked alive.

The lovely Yukina Kinoshita advertising ToKoPo - a new system which allows you to earn points the more you use the metro - points are converted to yen which is then used to charge your Pasmo card again.
Yukina in action below for something totally different ^^;

Roughly translated as "If everybody stays strong/keeps fighting then Japan will most certainly recover".

Another visit to Roppongi.

What spots to you find beautiful?

The last visit to Konami before we launch!

Launched! The official Konami Love Plus Photo Club runs on Mirai Gaia. Konami join King Records, Kadokawa, Good Smile Company, Bushiroad, Ascii Media Works, Sega and more in using our Mirai Gaia platform.

I'm a transformers fan and loved 1 and 2 but 3 was... I'm not sure what it was ^^; Maybe I didn't get into it because I was still jet lagged in the US?

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Sushi dinner.

I just love Shirasu Gunkan . Sushi wrapped in seaweed like this is called a Gunkan. If it is wrapped like a cone then its called Temaki .

Necchusho means Heatstroke and many folks have been getting one this Summer. One of the reasons why more folks are getting heatstroke than usual is because everybody is still in the energy conservation mode. There is still a risk that there could be rolling blackouts due to the crippled nuclear reactor in Fukushima. Nobody wants a blackout so everybody does their best to save energy - at the cost of their health.

AKB48 Team A or Team K - which do you choose to be your classmates or colleagues?

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Try your dab hand at a lucky dip - 500 yen per shot where you get a chance to win goodies like a Nintendo 3DS - but will most likely win something like a plastic garden shovel instead.

Tokusen Fuji at Fujisoba.

Evening draws in around Musashikoyama.

More external meetings where I change trains at Shinjuku.

"Next, the world" - with the big boss of Bushiroad Takaaki Kidani. I want a cool looking globe too - think I'll nab one from Amazon.

Dindins with the Bushiroad folks at Higashi Nakano before they move offices.

Salarymen relax after a hard days work with some beer and yakitori.

Train drivers eye view who checks for the all clear before closing the doors.

At the studios of JC Staff. While Chinka is not really my personal project and out of my hands at this moment, Mirai Millennium *is* my project. I think that's all I can say for now ^^;

Lovely view of Musashi Sakai from the JC Staff studios.

I should be able to talk about what we are working on in a couple of weeks and hopefully have stuff to show you.
Whats your fave JC Staff title?

Cosy side road in Shibuya.

More Shibuya on a Summers day.

First time I that I went for a full health checkup where I had cameras shoved down my throat and up my botty. They found a few things which should be there ^^; But I'll talk about that in a different post.

Just noticed that wifey and I have long legs.

More life in Tokyo listed up below.