A Week in Tokyo 67

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This photo post covers life in Tokyo since A Week in Tokyo 66. Spent a week in Shanghai before arriving back in Tokyo to prepare for a long trip abroad to France, Germany and Los Angeles.

Needed to do a load of prep work before the trip so I reduced the amount of external meetings down to a bare minimum - which is why this post is full of food pics taken around my local area ^^;

I was going to initially write A Week in Tokyo covering everything that's been happening since I got back from LA but didn't want to leave a gaping hole in my life - this series enables me make a record of what I've been doing in life throughout the years and helps me reflect on the past so that I can make the necessary changes for the future.

First photo - Roppongi station darker than usual. The sign with the smiley light bulb lets folks know that the station is running on reduced electricity consumption. The keyword here is "Setsuden" 節電] meaning "to conserve electricity." Ever since the Kanto Tohoku Earthquake, after the reactors went on the blink, folks in the East of Japan have been making efforts to reduce electricity consumption - most shops and restaurants will display a sign to this effect.

An evening at Lalaport toyosu while we wait for our house to be gassed. Lalaport also on Setsuden mode.

This is why I like to come to Lalaport - the Singaporean food is lovely! A bit too lovely because I ate two bowls of this ^^;

Their Hainan Chicken Lice is lovely too ^^

figma Mirai Suenaga looks after my wide angle lens so that it doesn't get stolen like the last one did ><

Planning to get our Mirai Itasha rewrapped soon.

Mirai Itasha cockpit.

Office back then.

Wifey's cooking is nomalicious.

Wifey's Singapore curry. We've run out of mixes so need to pick up a load more when in Singapore this November.

Somewhere on the back streets of Gotanda. Some old rubbing along with the new.

At the Sony Computer Science Labs. Been helping them come up with the official character for Kadecot illustrated by Shirahane Nao.

Curry lunch at Gotanda.

Taking a break from work with some afternoon tea and snacks.

Home made ramen ^o^

Dragonaut gets the Pachislot treatment.

Musashikoyama Palm - the longest indoor shopping arcade in Tokyo.

Musashikoyama Palm has a really nice Korean restaurant - this Bibimpap lunch set for 880 yen.

Started to get very warm in June.

My man Chris works at home in Saitama which is a 2 hour commute into the office. Does not make sense to make him commute 4 hours a day so he works at home and we communicate with Skype. He does come in from time to time when we need to go over plans of how we are going to take down the Death Star.

The top of those flight of steps has a great view.

The new Haruhi novel is out and takes the prime spot right outside the bookstore.

And joining Haruhi are the Moshidora novels. Anime culture is still strong in Japan despite what some may tell you.

Our small garden - wifey here in the middle of growing our cucumbers and aubergines.

I've changed my mind - my fave Japanese food is not Tempura - its Niku Jagga 肉じゃが] made by wifey ^o^

Workspace back then.

Final meeting at Dentsu to go over the nitty gritty for the talk that Akira Kagami and I are going to give at Cannes Lions.

The canteen at Dentsu has great food!

Leaving the huge Dentsu offices heading back to base.

Nichijou billboard to keep us entertained while waiting for a train at Shinbashi.

Sky on fire over Meguro.

Sushi for dindins.

Comrades around for dinner.

Working on the 2nd floor with Yuki.

At Lucy Pop for another fitting of the Mirai high school Summer uniform.

Switch to Softbank and get an Otousan fan to cool down in the Summer.

Lunch at Fujisoba - 400 yen.

The Yoshinoya at Palm goes overboard with Setsuden - its nearly pitch black in there ^^;

Chie from Native - very ecchi figure ^^; I like the way the top is like a box O tissue paper ^^;

Has to be the heaviest figure set ever - the tub is made of ceramic ^^

Trying to figure out how to take photos of an ecchi figure without being too ecchi.

Was just about to say that Kidnemo has her in stock but it looks like they just sold out ^^;

Not sure why they are called iCon chicken but Mc Dees has a load of them.

SNSD (Girls Generation) release their first album in Japan. My fave track is Gee - 48 million views below!

Musashikoyama Palm has a new Indian restaurant - tastes good!

Cute little fella - yours for only 339986 yen. How much do dogs generally cost in your neck of the woods?

At Roppongi for more meetings with Konami.

Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi.

Konami reception - the lady staff have very nice uniforms ^^

Since coming back from Los Angeles, I've been spending pretty much all of my time on the Konami project which is why I haven't been able to write as much as I would like ><

Grabbing tickets at the vending machine for ramen.

Tsukemen is a type of noodle dish where you dip the noodles in the soup.

100 years of transport exhibition at the Edo Tokyo Museum.

About to pass through the ETC (Electronic Toll Collection) before getting on the highway. It says 700 yen here but after you passed, the ETC unit installed in our car will tell us the actual amount deducted. There are usually discounts on weekends.

Filling up the Miraimobile.

Before filling up, one should touch the red hand to discharge any static electricity in your body or risk leaving a crater in the area.

Too wrinkly to call them pichi pichi oppai.

Regular routine of dropping off the recyclables.

Recently discovered that our sushi place do these Shirasu Gunkan which are rather yummy.

Tasty Sashimi Salad is tasty.

Who said oppai mousepads should be for folks over 18? My niece is about 8 and her mum said that she has a fetish for oppai - she couldn't keep her hands off the oppai mousepad ^^;

Lunch at Gusto - deep friend chicken on rice. 440 yen.

Brekkie is usually bread, fruits and cereal.

Am always playing with figma Mirai before dindins of late.

Spaghetti in soya milk at Popolamama's in Hatanodai.

Exploring the Hatanodai area.

There is so much to discover in Tokyo. We were cycling around for a while and came across many shopping districts like this one - but cant remember where it was ^^;

Wifey got a water dispenser for the kitchen which is rather handy. The dispenser is only on rental though and we subscribe to water which is delivered to our door.

Egg n tomatoes - love this dish.

Then it was off for a full circle around the globe. First leg of the journey in the Tokyo to France photo post.

Speaking at the International Advertising Festival at Cannes Lions France. Will post photos from the event separately. Was an honor to speak for Dentsu along other companies like Facebook, Yahoo, Google, Coke etc at such a prestigious event ><

France was mostly work but did get to spend a little bit of time with my younger sister who was visiting Cannes with friends.

Then it was off to Germany where we had a few meetings in a little town called Mainz.

After Germany it was off to Los Angeles to work at Anime Expo as a member of staff and MC for a few of the guests. I gave my own panel too pictured here - thank you all for coming!

My TV show Culture Japan is now broadcast across America on the Mnet America network and I was at their studios talking about this n that.

Then its back to Tokyo after 3 weeks of being away - the journey back is photo documented in the Tokyo Arrival 4 post. Will catch up with whats been going on since I got back soon. In the meantime, previous A Week in Tokyo posts listed up below.