A Week in Tokyo 63

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Time passes. Life is over before we know it. Not afraid to die but am afraid of dying without achieving anything. We must achieve that something before we kick the bucket!

Didn't leave it as long as last time but still late ^^; After a load of planning in January, it was time to go and initiate those projects - been in n out of many meetings all over Tokyo which I talk about in today's installment of A Week in Tokyo.
First photo taken from the train on the way to Shibamata on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

At Edogawabashi meeting with King Records/Starchild at their offices. Tis one stop away from Ikebukuro on the Yurakucho line.

Launched the official English site for Oniichan on Mirai Gaia - was our first Starchild anime title and we've just completed the 3rd which will be launched soon.

Out n about on the highways of Tokyo on the way to somewhere or other. We always try to avoid driving on a weekend as most of that time will be spent in traffic.

The recently acquired PSP on full brightness setting. Very dark compared to the iPhone. Is the PSP screen supposed to be that dark? Looks fine indoors though.

Warming up on a cold Winters evening with some Yakitori - grilled chicken on a stick.

Dotted around Tokyo are Yakitori places like these. All you have to do is walk up to them and start eating what you want. Keep the stick on the counter in front of you and when its time to pay, the shop will just count the sticks.
On the counter are condiments but be careful as some containers are actually ashtrays! Wifey sprinkled a load of ash over her yakitori one day thinking that the container (which is a cylinder with holes at the top - cant see inside) was Shichimi.

The season of Setsubun came and went...

Folks who leave their bikes on other peoples property may have stuff like this notice stuck onto the saddle - this message says "Your nuisance of a bike has been reported to the ward office."

The Odoru Daisousasen is a popular drama/film series about a detective (chap in the green coat) called Aoshima Shunsaku and the antics of his police department.

Out getting groceries at Tokyu Store.

Our small loot for the evening. The Purin roll is just too good!

Nissan sent out a recall last October as they wanted to replace parts in our March. Only managed to drop it off the other day at their Meguro branch. Was ready the next day.

Having some rather scrumptious Chinese food at Gotanda.

Coco Ichibanya have started their Winter menu - this is actually the only reason why I go - tis a shame that they only serve this between Feb and May. Coco's even have wallpaper of this soup curry dish ^^;

Togoshi Ginza - another Shotengai located in our neighborhood.

On the 6th of Feb it was Wonfes time at Makuhari Messe. All coverage listed up below - have still got a few posts which I need to write up ToT.

More Metro Manner posters from the "Please Do It Again" series. This time round its a "be considerate when carrying your baggage." Reminds me of when I was removing my baggage from the rack of a train but a woman decided to rush into my direction at the same time - her face slammed into my bag ^^;

Tokyo MX is the TV station that broadcasts Culture Japan in Japan. Went over to cover bits n pieces for Season 2 which will probably be back to back with season 3 ^^;
Culture Japan related posts listed below.

*All* the Precure girls get together in the movie Precure All Stars. The series marketed at young girls but actually enjoyed by all ages. Bandai even have Precure figures aimed at folks over 15.

My fave Precure series was Fresh PreCure - which was yours?

The Subway Map app from the App Store shows you which carriage you should get on that will stop right at the exit you want at your destination - save time by walking to the carriage you need while waiting for the train to come.

More meets at DLE.

Still not got round to watching BECK.

Our local tofu (bean curd) store is full O colors.

Chuuka is the Japanese word to describe Chinese food. The Chinese food in Japan tastes rather different than the Chinese variety that can be found overseas but can be nice depending on where you go.

Our neck of the woods - Musashikoyama in Meguro.

Flowers for wifey - I always buy her the orange ones. And I always forget what these are called ^^;

Modern rubbing along with the tradition.

Meeting with the CEO of Sony Pictures Japan. They got a huge cinema in their offices! Talks went well and if further talks proceed swimmingly then (fill in the blank)

Next meeting is at Akasaka Sacas. Used to work round here during my Microsoft years. At the time, Sacas was still under construction.

At the offices of Hakuhodo - one of Japans largest advertising agencies. Hakuhodo manage the promotions and marketing strategy not only for automobile and fashion makers but also do stuff closer to our hearts - game and anime.

The lovely view from the hakuhodo offices. Am always inspired by views like this. Which of these would you choose to live in? Id choose the top floor of the building with the green slanted roof in middle of photo.

Nom! The Singapore laksa place at Akasaka Sacas tastes rather good indeed.

About to jump on the Chiyoda line and head back to base.

Spent some time at Ikaho Onsen (hot springs) for some filming and time out. We always offer to take photos for couples before they ask - because we are all thinking the same thing - "need somebody to take a photo but bit shy to ask."

Window O K-ON goodies.

Cutie Kitagawa Keiko dons the cover of a free mag called R25 which you can pick up for free from the subways.

Always use a coffee pot from Ikea as my tea cup but they always break after a while! The bottom got chipped and I only found out after pouring boiling hot water in it - which in turn sprinkled down over hand ToT

Figured that another Ikea glass coffee pot would just end up like the others so went for a Thermos this time - 1.5 Liters and keeps tea warm for quite a few hours - saves a lot of time ^^

First thing that happens when a load of relatives come over - Mahjong ^^; Me dont know the rules at all but would probably learn if I could get hold of a set of Moe Mahjong.

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Cloudy afternoon in Shinjuku at the South exit of the JR station. This is where I initially worked when serving at Microsoft. The area opposite the station has changed a lot. Today me off to meet Ascii Media Works.

Spending some time with traditional Japan at Ikaho. More from this visit in a separate post.

Examples of rent for 1 bedroom apartments in Tokyo. Average of 60000 yen per month. How does that compare to rent in your area for the same size-ish?
The examples here are for convenient central locations like East/West Shunjuku, East Nakano, Yoyogi, Kagurazaka and Daikanyama.

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The snack area in the Ascii offices. Folks take what they want and leave money in the box with the yellow sign - an unmanned shop. I think this system only can work in Japan ^^;

Recycling is good.

One of the folks I'm working with on Tokyo Kawaii Magazine has been studying Chinese for only a year and speaks tremendously well! He proactively speaks to any Chinese person he comes across and made many friends online to enable him to converse with natives.
For those of you out there learning Japanese, where do you meet native Japanese speakers? When I was back in the UK, I made Japanese friends through posting notices at the Japan Center on their cork board and also through language exchange groups.

Will be working closer with Ascii over the year and should be able to show you more goodies starting July.

Employees at Ascii are of the otaku breed - they get to work with all the content producers and makers of their fave titles and goodies. What makes it more interesting is that they also produce much of the content too like Oreimo and Toaru Majutsu.

Lunch with the Ascii team. Nom.

Thai Red Curry. Nendoroid Puchi Mugi is my fave at the moment.

Shinjuku by day. Shinjuku by night photos in this post.

Yep - we has a Japanese version of Thomas the Tank Engine over here. There is even a theme park for Thomas.

Oreimo gatcha goodies.

Popular items of the moment at Sofmap.

Food tastes better when its wrapped with moeness.

Around bustling areas like Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and Shibuya, one will find folks selling manga on the roadside. These are not official sellers but folks who go round the underground or dustbins hunting for good copies of the latest manga.

Many Japanese just leave manga on the train racks for others to pick up and read - usually left in good condition. At a glance of these makeshift stalls, all the magazines look brand new but are not.
Have no idea how much they charge though but should be less than the retail price.

I live in an area called Musashikoyama which is on the edge of Shinagawa and Meguro. While there are a load of modern buildings around here, much of the old buildings still stand and are full of character.

Mugi looks like she wants to dive in ^^;

More meeting shenanigans - next one is in the Ochanomizu area.

During the early years when I arrived in Japan 12 years ago, finding out where to go meant printing maps out and still getting lost as I still had to figure out where I was and which way I was facing. Thank you technology.

Ochanomizu has many schools in the area. Apart from the load of students walking about, you will also see a load of music and book shops too.

Today I'm meeting with the TV station BS11.

The Kings Speech makes its way over to Japan with the more specific title "The King of England's Speech" .

Love the name of this shabu shabu restaurant - "Hanchan Sunchan."

I just love this dish - Mince Katsu which is minced beef deep fried in breadcrumbs.

More Chinese food.

Mc Dees take out for the whole family.

Fried Wonton desu.

This is where I'm getting a good dose of Chinese food from of late - Inekouen at Musashikoyama.

My fave photo of the day - side alley branching off from the Palm shopping arcade. All photos in this post taken on the Lumix GF2.

There is a hole in the ceiling and figures keep on falling through it. Any of these tickle your fancy? The Max Factory Mio is miolicious.

Moved the sofa down to the first floor and moved the table up to the third. Feels nice n cozy right now. Wifey said to tell you that it was her that made the suggestion for the change and not me ^^;

Launched the official English site for Bushiroad on Mirai Gaia - Trading Card fans may want to check it out and register an account as we will be doing some giveaways over there soon.

Also launched the official English site for Fafner Heaven and Earth on Mirai Gaia. A few of the Mirai Gaia sites include:-

Many folks ask about Mirai Gaia licensing but its only offered as a tool for the clients that I consult for ><

Very often, when dolls take their first breath outside of the box, their eyes may not be fixed properly in place. If this happens to your daughter then remove the glue around the eyes and replace with some blu-tac or something similar.

Saber just back from a trip outside Tokyo.

Arashi are not only the image boys for the Nintendo 3DS but also for the Android too. Looks like they want you to touch and try them.

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