A week in Tokyo 5

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2007/12/25 20:51 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Last week was the first time that I ventured out on my own in Vader gear.

The helmet is heavy and the lenses steam up in no time - not much fun ^^;
Went by train and later met up with Hector in Shibuya to shoot Dance Vader.

Was difficult to do much shooting with everybody whipping out their mobiles.

Being mobbed.

On the move again. A Tokyo underground poster.

Fauna follows me to the living room sometimes.

Playing with a friends GR. Many call this the king of compact digital cameras. Have yet to use it myself so don't know.

At the Google offices.

Really small bike.

Waiting for a train.

Going to the bank.

Meeting in Meguro.

Exploring the Fudomae area for offices.

The limousine bus that takes you from Narita airport to central Tokyo parked outside the Columbia Music offices.
I took this once and will never take it again - took 3 hours to get from the airport.
I usually take the Skyliner train to and from the airport - comfortable seats and faster than the Narita Express (and cheaper).

A poster on the Tokyo metro of Shibuya many moons ago. Love seeing retro pics like this.

This is what ticket machines used to look like on the Tokyo Metro.

And this is what they look like now.

Waiting for another train.

A Japanese version of Nasi Goreng. Tasted nice but not much like the Nasi Goreng in Malaysia or Singapore.

Meeting at Yoyogi Uehara.

Moe girl outside a pachinko parlor.

Grabbing some Mos Burger.

Today its seafood rice burger - has rice instead of bread.

Some folks getting some Yakitori.

Spent a good few hours last week studying data structures, working on UI and programming.

Shita Machi Tokyo.

Love how citizens here pile up rubbish for collection so neatly.

Yes I do eat at home sometimes ^^;
With the current schedule of meetings with clients etc, eating out is unavoidable.

Didn't manage to go out for dinner yesterday but will do so in the evening. Spending the day programming before I leave. How are you spending your Christmas?

Modifying the Vader helmet a bit.