A Week in Tokyo 57

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2010/08/08 17:22 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Been trying to comprehend how so much has happened over the past few weeks - the sands of time are running out fast!
This installment of A Week in Tokyo is very late and covers some of whats been going on since we got back from Anime Expo.

The first photo snapped on the Lumix LX3 which is much better at night shots than the Lumix GF1. Purple sky was purple.

Zooming back in time to early July when we got back from the US. We land in rainy Narita Airport.

Get off at Gotanda to catch a cab back home.

Home sweet home. Aoi-chan and the relatives looked after the house well.

Baggage dumped at the entrance. Then its time to head to our local shopping arcade to get some grub.

Fujisoba for dindins - 490 yen.

Then its time to do just a wee bit of grocery shopping.

"Sand" is the Japanese short form for "sandwich" so don't be alarmed when your Japanese friend says that she got you some sand for lunch.

As always, a load of samples were waiting at the office when we got back. A few plates that wifey chose at Bubba Gump's in Santa Monica.

VN02 Mix by Max Factory.

Some Bakemonogatari, limited edition base stand for the Fate/stay night Nendoroid Puchi's, Kanade from Angel Beats and a couple of portable USB HDs - 1 x 500GB and 1 x 1TB.

And this is the 1TB HD - nice n compact. Folks in Japan can get one from Amazon.

Also had some sweets from Kotobukiya too - this is called "Ochugen" and is usually a gift that clients and relatives give to each other in the Summer.

Aoi-chan nabs something to nibble on while I'm not looking.

The rainy season comes and goes. You are safe to come to Japan without getting drenched until the typhoon season comes which is roughly in September.

Wifey got a license to teach children English and has been helping our neighbors pass all their English exams ^^;

Our shopping arcade is a poplar spot for TV crews to come and interrogate passers by.

A local car park has kicked the bucket and now they are building a new mansion here. the word "Mansion" is basically a block of flats (apartments) and is usually made of concrete. "Aparto" is the Japanese short form for "Apartments" and is usually a small group of dwellings made of wood.
If you are looking for info about dwellings over here then have a gander at the Japanese Housing post.

Work carries on through the evening.

A few more toys added to the imaging armory - will talk about these in a different post.

Family Mart are quite strong in this neck of the woods - they are everywhere! Within a 100 meters at Nishikoyama, there are *3* Family Mart's.

Working in the lounge on the second floor with the help of Karin and the iDevices.

English (ragga) muffins for brekkie while watching some morning TV on the iPad though the SlingBox.

Looking for some grub for dindins.

Feel like some light salad today.

About to tuck into my salad with our new gift on the side - a Fuurin in the shape of a Japanese post box.
A fuurin is a Japanese wind chime which tinkles in the Summer breeze - some of them in action below. I remember getting one from Hiroshima and hanging it in my kitchen back in London many moons ago.

Evening in our local neighborhood.

Which is your fave AKB48 girl?

Loyalty cards are part of daily life in Japan. This card here is filled with stamps meaning 500 yen off my next purchase at Saboten.

And here is my Saboten meal with the help of some Dads Root Beer to cool off on a hot Summers day.

Dusting down the girls. Remember to regularly dust your girls or some of them may start to develop a horrid oily surface.

Some more of that purple sky.

Our neighborhood is filled with new rubbing along with the old.

Afternoon cuppa PG Tips together with some Mr Donuts.

Om nom nom.

iPhone 4 get. Antenna signal does go down but it done exactly the same on the 3GS. No problems making calls so far.

Folks who get oily n greasy n yukky over the Summer may want some of these cool sheets to rub between yer legs, armpits and finish off by wiping yer face.

These mats help a lot in this season - during Summer we sleep on one to prevent our bed being soaked up by sweat.

For kids who don't like turning a boring tap - this 100 yen device will turn that boring tap head into an Ultra Tap.

A load of new drinks come out in the Summer - some make it to the next year and the rest kick the bucket.

A load of Pokemon goodies at the convenient store.

I think its going to be a while before I can collect the keys to a vehicle like this ^^;

Met a very cute DC reader from Singapore while filming in Akihabara.

Filming at Kiddy Land.

Sushi for dindins.

Trying out a newly discovered Ramen place around the corner.

A load of projects going on at the moment ranging from web production, TV production, doll manufacture, publishing and event organizing. And there is still only the two of us ^^;

Wifey's Singapore Chicken Rice is lovely ^o^

Out in Shinagawa discovering the area around Oimachi Station.

Heading to Makuhari Messe for the Wonfes Summer.

All coverage for the Wonfes lives here.

Also started to teach this month at Digital Hollywood University.

Always past by the Gundam Cafe but never end up going in.

Work brings me to Akihabara a lot of late.

Some KFC for lunch before filming for the day.

The smoking area is the bit on the right which is not closed off at all - don't see the point at all as the area I was sitting in was the "non smoking area" that was also filled with smoke.

Apple gave away free Bumpers as people kept complaining. Thought I'd apply for one and while they estimated 3 - 5 weeks delivery, mine came in 3 days.

Trying out new wide angle lens for the Lumix GF1.

High School girls with guitars seem to be popular of late. However I've only seen Japanese high school girls with guitars - if you got any from your neck of the woods then let us see photos!

At some music studios in Sendagaya.

Meeting up with vividblaze - the group that provides the music for Culture:Japan.

The latest theatrical releases in Japan.

With the organizers of the Anime Festival Asia at Akarenga in Yokohama.

More goodies from Akarenga in a different post soon.

Nearly midnight at Akihabara.

The Lucky Star girls keep me company on the drive home.

We is being growing our own cucumbers ^^;

My producer for Culture:Japan Fujiyasu-san. The new season of Culture:Japan is due to have more figure and doll factory reports, anime production behind the scenes and a load more anime seiyuu and high school shenanigans.
Will also be covering more traditional stuff too.

Take out sushi in Japan tastes just as good as the stuff fresh over the counter.

Filming on a hot Summers day in Asakusa.

Enjoying some Fireworks in Yokohama.

Took some nice photos at Lalaport in Toyosu - up n coming in a later post.

The view from our 3rd floor - very hot desu.

Upgrading firmware for the GF1. I have a feeling that the pancake lens don't focus as well after the update.

At Ikea picking up some essentials. Crashing on their comfortable beds.

The office this morning.