A Week in Tokyo 55

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A couple of weeks late but not as bad as last time - the latest installment of A Week in Tokyo.
Been spending much time thinking about all the things I want to achieve in the remainder of my short life. The catch is that I don't know how much time I have left. There are so many things that I want to do and am constantly trying to figure out which things will give me a piece of the jigsaw puzzle that I'm building. I think I'm on the right path and the events that have happened so far this year seem to suggest so too.
I still don't feel that I've achieved anything substantial in life - tis something I want to do before I kick the bucket.

First photo taken at Meguro where I spent some time at the Non-linear editing studio working on the editing of Culture:Japan.

Been living in the Meguro ward for over 5 years now and love it here. Most of the stations along the Meguro line are residential.

Been directing and presenting my first TV production called Culture:Japan. You can read more about the program in the Making of Culture:Japan. Got good news regarding the show which I will post next week ^o^

As part of the Culture:Japan filming, we went to Fujisawa High School and you can see some photos from the shoot below:-
Fujisawa High School Photos 1
Fujisawa High School Photos 2

Office was full of Culture:Japan production staff for the past few weeks too ^^;

Filming at the office for the AmiAmi ranking.

Filming at Akihabara was a load of fun too and you can see how it all went in the Japanese Universities article.

Culture:Japan filming at Good Smile Company. Mirai Figma soon!

And after weeks of late nights it was satisfying to see the show aired on Japanese terrestrial TV. Will post a trailer for Culture:Japan next week.

Late nights working on Culture:Japan meant more than usual visits to the convenience store to grab some grub.
Keiko Kitagawa looking very scrumptious on this mag cover here.

A re-release of one of the manga titles that I learned Japanese with - Ranma.

It says that shes got all wet and is asking whether she could change in your room. Must be because she got caught out in the rain - tis the rainy season right now in Japan.

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Working on Culture:Japan also means a higher dose of sweets that staff members bring along. This kind of sweets that's brought along for folks who are working hard is called Sashi-ire . Have a look at Google Image Search for Sashi-ire to see a bunch of sweets.

Takoyaki - crispy octopus balls. Are yours crispy?

Organized the best Tokyo CGM Night ever where folks from Good Smile Company, Volks, Obitsu, AmiAmi, Hobby Search, Cospa, Kotobukiya came along together with 200 bloggers and social media users in Japan.
I want to grow Tokyo CGM Night into something big enough to be held at Tokyo Big Sight.

Hmmmm. New girl on the block.

Posters for a fashion mag called Jille. Culture:Japan will also feature fashion coverage too.

Taiga soup.

Sweetie Nanoha in the lounge.

The Softbank store in Musashikoyama is lousy. The first day the iPhone4 reservations started, the store folks didn't give any instructions to the crowd outside and instead of a line, a bunch of people formed outside the store. Nobody had any idea what was going on. I waited for 10 mins or so before moving on.

I did manage to make a reservation before the official cut off date but was told that I cant have one @.@ Am thinking that they give priority to new contracts as that's probably how the smaller stores build their rep?

Japanese convenient stores - where you can pick up some milk, pot noodles and oppai.

The 3GS iPhones are going for 0 yen.

Kaiten Sushi - the conveyor belt kind. Just make sure you don't eat at one where people are sneezing all over your fish.

Yui and Ikura.

The Japanese green tea powder that you sprinkle in the mug. Remember to push the mug against the black rubber bit under the tap. I know folks who actually tried to press the black part instead resulting in a very burnt hand ><

Even though the sushi you want maybe on the conveyor, you can still ask the chef to make you a fresh one - the conveyor one could have been doing the rounds for hours ^^;

New manner posters from Tokyo Metro. Instead of "Do it at home" they've now got "Please do it again."

Somebody picking up a food ticket for some udon.

Black Punch - alcohol flavored coke.

iPad. New productivity tool - been using it in all external meetings. My review here.

The office of late. Notice that I removed the arms from the chair which makes it easier for me to position under the table. Makes the room feel a wee bit more spacious too.

Miho-san is the lead singer of Vividblaze. Me first came across the cool tunes for Vividblaze in Mockmoon's videos.

The other band member of Vividblaze Oka-P and their manager play around on their iDevices.

And last Saturday I was trying to shake my funky thang at a concert that Vividblaze held.

Cookies from the UK are past their sell-by date but I scoffed them all. Do you generally throw food thats past its sell-by date or scoff it?

Pasta for dindins at home.

Nanoha's new hairdo is nice to play with.

Bowl O raw fish n rice...

...followed by some traditional Japanese sweets.

Thank you for coming to a store. We will wait for the next coming to a store.

Rainy night at Lazona - the shopping complex at Kawasaki.

Was at Kawasaki Lazona to see Iron Man 2 on IMAX. Enjoyed it a lot. Watch till the end of the credits if you are going to see it.

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Dishes served in the Lazona food court get cold very quick due to the strong air conditioning. This naan ended up being hard enough to knock somebody unconscious.

Somewhere between Daikanyama, and Meguro.

Table O iDevices.


Lunch on a sunny Saturday afternoon around Musashikoyama.

The sign basically says "we are trouble makers!" referring to folks who park their bicycles outside Mc Dees.

Some dastardly person jailbroke my iPhone and made it so that one could tether an iPad with it.

Yakiniku for dindins. Yakiniku is where you cook your own meat on the grill. Well not *your* own meat but the beef and pork that they serve.

Found a nice iPad stand at the yakiniku place.

Meguro by day.

Meguro by Night.

Convenience store food on another late night working on Culture:Japan.

Thai noodles wrapped in an omelette.

Latest samples.

Reminded me of Mirrors Edge.

Lunch at Hanzomon where the Tokyo MX TV studios are.

The Japanese prime ministers don't seem to last long at all - Yukio Hatoyama throws in the towel and resigns in just under (over) a years service. Are they like this in your neck of the woods too?

Working on the 2nd floor about to scoff some Mr Donuts for tea time.

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Thai for lunch at Hatanodai.

Checking out the Gundam Cafe at Akihabara. Speaking of Akihabara, I will soon be teaching at Digital Hollywood University ^^;

Dinner with the Good Smile team at Indotei.

Yui-chan is enjoying the food too.

MMMMMMMM! Been eating at Indotei for a few years now and had no idea that they served peanut naan.

My first time having their yogurt chicken too.

Japan is the land where you will find characters on signs like the ones at the hospital, library and car park too.

Cinderella Boy takes it turn at Pachinko.

I know that many of you pick up figures and stuff when in Japan but how many of you take back home with you Japanese snacks? These cost a bomb when I was living back in the UK.

Folks living in Japan who need boxes can find a load at ones local shopping street just before recyclable collection the following day.

A load of folk catching up with some world cup shenanigans outside this electronics store. Me not been watching at all this time round. You is being enjoying the footballing festivities?