A Week in Tokyo 51 Part 2

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2010/02/27 12:12 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Following on from A Week in Tokyo 51 part 1. Am quite behind in posts but hope to catch up on a few this weekend. Trying to keep most of next week free of meetings but its slowly starting to fill up again ToT.

Out n about in Roppongi. Whenever I see that rock thing I always walk through the hole ^^;

On the subway heading to external meeting in Bunkyo-ku.

Picked up a 2TB Hitachi HDD to back up my NAS. Was about 12000 yen found on Kakaku.com.

Needed to format the 2TB drive and was worried about the NAS deciding to format the wrong drive. Turned off the NAS and pulled out the drives to perform the 2TB format. When I was done, I shoved back the original drives back into the NAS to discover that everything seemed to have been deleted!
What happened was that for some reason, the RAID decided that it had enough and kicked the bucket. The remaining drive should have still been fine but decided to create a another shared folder called Shana and renamed my old shared folder to Shana-1 which made it seem like my precious Shana folder was wiped. It was not a fun day!

Kotobukiya Lynette Bishop get.

In some parts of Tokyo where restaurants are a bit far to reach from the office, some folks would set up food vans to cater for the starving employees out n about seeking lunch. Not much difference in price though with lunch averaging 800 yen - 1000 yen.

Having some of wifeys yummy spicy noodle dishes at home.

Not only do merchandise samples arrive at the office but food samples too ^^; Daifuku is usually a puni puni dough type sweets filled with something or other. These ones are filled with caramel and cream.

Which would you eat first?

On the way to Akihabara for meetup with Bandai.

The evening trains is being crowded.

Many folks who commit suicide usually do it at either end of the platform. Blue lights at the end of the platforms are said to reduce the amount of suicides at train stations. I remember seeing somebody being mopped off the tracks at Akihabara. T'was horrible. Was literally a sea of blood.

Interestingly enough. Blue lights in dark alleys are said to reduce the burglary rate - the news clip below talks about how the crime rate has been reduced in areas where blue lights have been set up.

We get Alice in Wonderland a month later than the US release. Was talking to somebody in the industry who gave me one of the reasons why Japan gets films so late - because there just are not enough theaters to go around.

Had a great Wonfes the other week. All coverage tagged Wonfes.

Some onigiri rice balls for brekkie.

Testing out a new lens for the GF1 which I will cover in a separate post.

"Handle Keepers" are folks who don't drink and are responsible for taking their drunk mates home rather than let them drink and drive.

The redesigned area around Nishikoyama station.

Picking up some veggies.

Today's lunch set comprises of a small don. A Don is usually a bowl of rice with a topping of something or other.

And the other half of the lunch set is some yummy yakisoba.

Been streaming from the office from time to time - need to practice my presentational skills for the new show ^^; Folks who would like to catch the location of the broadcast should keep an eye on my Twitter.

Messy table during the last live broadcast.

Thanks to Steve Nagata for the loan of the Microsoft cam. Its way too bright though. Not sure if they have software to adjust the brightness for a Mac.

A load of utensils and wot not to keep your teeth in tip top shape.

Office gets messy quickly just after samples arrive. Still need to post the latest loot.

Had a most most awesome Tokyo CGM Night in collaboration with the Japanese Red Cross Society. Hope to post up my coverage soon.

Business is always booming for Mc Donalds Japan.

Taking a look at Steve's latest acquisition - the VAIO that's supposed to fit in your jean back pocket.

Inspecting Pietro's imaging armory.

At Warner Brothers Japan going over some stuff.

Figma Yui-chan takes a rest after running around the table.

Like that sign!

This job gets more and more interesting with the most unexpected opportunities.

Lunch done, off to next meeting.

Do you know what line this is?

Launch of the Tokyo.JapanTimes portal in collaboration with the Japan Times.

South exit at Shibuya station on the way to a photoshoot.

Taking the bus in Tokyo is always an interesting experience. Because bus routes are run by different companies, the buses are different too meaning that the way you pay for the ride differs. Sometimes you pay before you get on and sometimes just before you get off.

Grabbing lunch before heading back to base.

Out n about in Shibuya.

Still need to make a point of trying out the latest Pachinko machines. Gave it a whirl when I first visited Japan and lasted a few mins on 500 yen. Have you tried Pachinko before?

Hachiko crossing. Will be back in the UK this April and will be rummaging through the photos stashed away at my mums place. Got a load of photos that I took about 17 (?) years ago from this very spot. Will upload when I get back to Japan.

Scoffing down the Valentines iPhone.

Out n about in Togoshi Ginza.

I'll take em all please.

Shogayaki for lunch.

Some of the second hand stores occasionally have some rare vintage figures hidden inside.

Plum meat katsu is the current seasons special at Saboten.

Took this photo to remind me to check out this restaurant next week.

This place does fried hormones which I'm not a big fan of.

I'll take the Iro-iro Bento (Assorted Bento).

From the collection of stamps on the stamp cards, Have had quite a few free lunches n dinners.

Nishikoyama by night.

Katsu unboxed and ready for consumption.

Have I mentioned what this was? Tis a bowl of charcoal which is said to clean the air of smelly stuff and also absorb electric waves or something.

46 inch display for 130000 yen discounted from 248000 yen - costs less than my Apple Cinema display!

Having constant meetings with Tokyo MX TV for Danny Choo Network TV. Will document the start up of a Japanese TV program when the show gets off the ground.

Aoi-chan kawaii.

On the move again.

This mornings desk. Lots of business cards to follow up and and shoes to design...