A Week in Tokyo 51 Part 1

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2010/02/25 10:00 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Extreme lack of quality time to sit down and write of late. Rather get at least the first half out so for am going to split this installment of A Week in Tokyo into 2 parts.

The problem is that I want to sustain the momentum that has been building up of late in for our business - don't want to end up in the pits like we did last year. There has been so many offers of work, collaborations and media appearances that it can be difficult to decline or prioritize. Am certainly biting off more than I can chew.
Did however make the decision to drop a huge project today to concentrate on others - not sure how much time it will free up though ^^;

At the moment we are building web platforms, manufacturing mirai-chan merchandise, registering trademarks, working on publications, doing a lot of TV production of late, organizing schedules for overseas trips and setting up events in Tokyo too. Have also been working on setting a Guinness World Record where the application is being processed now.
Also need to spend time with the media folks who want interviews. Today alone I've got the Brazilian TV show Fantastico interviewing me at the office and then following me to TBS where I've got another interview.
NHK are also need to do a feature on me so to save time, I've asked them to film me being filmed by the Brazilian TV crew ^^;
There is also the Tokyo.JapanTimes launch party tonight night too.
Tis always a tough schedule but a load of fun. Particularly looking forward to seeing the TBS studios today.

Another interesting thing that's been happening of late is that I'm getting job offers from other companies and headhunters. A major Japanese game contacted me and asked me to be their CTO - no interview needed ^^; I could take the rather nice package but I wouldn't be doing what I wanted in life and life is certainly too short. Money is great for improving the comfort level of life but it certainly isn't everything and I cant take it to the grave. What I'm seeking from life at the moment is not money but achievement.

I think this was the first time I went into a place for lunch to see it packed out with suited salarymen. Used to wear a suit everyday when I first got to Japan when working for Nature - photo in the Tokyo 1999 - 2001 post ^^; Not worn a suit since 2003 though and think we got rid of all my suits. Does your work involve you wearing a suit?

Looks like the naming of my new TV show in Japan is leaning towards "DCN" (Danny Choo Network). Just about finalized a deal to get it aired in Asia to over 35 million homes. Working with other comrades to get it aired in your country too. If you have comrades who work in TV and think they would be interested in airing the show then ping me. I probably should make an official announcement in a separate post ^^;

This is Fujiyasu-san who is the director of DCN - we've been working closely of late on the show and I'm learning a lot about the TV production process, licensing, sponsorship, broadcasting fees and wot not. Once we got a few things finalized, I will open up submissions for your videos of your room and wot not.
The first half of the show will have some anime seiyu and I chatting while looking at your videos.

Photoshoot for OTACOOL 2.

Shiba Inu is a breed of Japanese dog - this one quietly watched the photoshoot all afternoon. Apparently they don't listen to their owner much. One of my friends in Seattle had one which would constantly run around in circles. Owning a dog can cost a bomb in Japan. My neighbor was just about to buy a new TV that cost about 350000 yen but had to use all of it to pay for an operation for its dog which swallowed some ball or something.

Got rid of those pegs which I used to hold up the Mirai-chan dakimakura. I suggested to the maker today that they should make some sort of hanger to display dakimakura on the wall without the sagging in the middle. A saggy Mirai-chan would not be appealing. Although we all have to get old one day I suppose.
But wait! I forgot that Mirai-chan is an eternal 17 years old.

Kept the bit of wood to keep the dakimakura straight and then used thumb tacks to keep her up by the window.

Time to get the every 6 weeks bowl haircut.

The office cabinet before I gave it a going over.

That sweet girl from KDDI came back with her ikemen boys!

At the local library looking for Japanese history books. Ended up seeing photos of a lot of dead people ToT
Back then, looks like Japanese press would take photos of decapitated people and publish them in the papers. T'was horrible.

Also picked up a few books to learn French. Wonder how much I can pick up before April ^^;
I also used learned Chinese from using Japanese textbooks like these.

Sunny afternoon out n about on the bicycle.

Taco Luka teasing Collet with her tentacles.

Collect complained about the draft so I got her something warmer to wear.

Some Korean for lunch.

Roadworks in Japan are like tactical strike squads - they get the work done quickly leaving no trace.

Been working with the department store Parco on the Mirai-chan Poken's and a few other projects.

Been collaborating with the Queen of England (British Council). Am over the moon to be able to work with the British Government and for some reason I always hear James Bond background music when I speak to them on the phone.

Pasmo is an electronic train/bus card which can be used for electronic payments at vending machines and at designated stores. A record of where the card was used can be looked up online too.

My neck of the woods by night.

My neck of the woods by day from the same-ish spot.

For most of Tokyo, you can walk through the quiet streets at night without having to constantly turn around.

Sounds like a bargain - 2500 yen to lay inside an oxygen capsule for 50 mins. Not something I'd go for though.

The blue clear sunny mornings are just gorgeous.

Some naughty bugger didn't separate out their rubbish properly - in this case, the rubbish collectors will stick a warning on the bags like this. If they find out who left it (from envelope address etc) then they will leave it at your doorstep.

Even more development going on at the station nearby. Looks like we get another supermarket and some restaurants. Please god make them open a Negishi.

Folks lining up in the morning to get hold of the winning pachinko machine.

Vending machines make it convenient for folks who fancy some batteries to go inside their chocolate cake.

Sunday evening in Tokyo. Not all stations in central Tokyo are packed out.

If you spot men on a "women only carriage" then its probably because its after rush hours. I still try to avoid them anyway ^^;

Nikudama (Okonomiyaki) for lunch. Tis yakisoba noodles topped with an egg and some pork.

Watching our food get cooked on the hot plate.

These charts at the stations are huge time savers. Lets say I'm going to Komagome and need to change to the JR line when I get there. While waiting for the train at this station, I would line up at the 3rd carriage meaning that as soon as the train arrives at Komagome, I can just get off and will see the stairs to change to the JR line.
Recently downloaded an iPhone app that has these charts too. Do they have charts like this in your neck of the woods?

Taking down the new year decorations at the local shopping arcade.

If you intend to live in Japan then try to learn the lingo for your own sake - it will truly enrich your experience and open up so many more doors of opportunity. A few of my comrades unfortunately cant be bothered. They say that they don't need to speak Japanese because their Japanese wife and staff speak the lingo.

Still looking around at bicycles. Pretty much decided to go for the Giant brand - given the current schedule however, I don't think I'll be getting a new ride until Summer.

A couple of washing machines waiting to be picked up by the local ward. To dispose of large items like this (known as Sodai Gomi ), one needs to buy a voucher from the convenient store which shows that the owner has paid the fee for collection. They then call the ward office and arrange for a time for the Sodai Gomi to be collected. Some folks however don't bother and just leave it outside for others to take.

Nendoroid Drossel heads out n about town for the first time.

Some value for money lunch at Matsuya. Huge Korean Tofu Chige set for about 500 yen.

Had some lovely snow a few weeks ago. Weather is a bit odd of late. Sometimes its quite warm and feels like the beginning of Spring and then all of a sudden its freezing cold. Managed to get a couple of snow snaps in the Tokyo Snow post.

Some curry chicken n rice but no sauce...

At Roppongi Tokyo Midtown meeting up with some folks at Apple.

The afternoon meeting place - Starbucks.

No matter what time of day you walk into Starbucks, you will always find folks studying.
Will be writing up A Week in Tokyo Part 2 between the interview breaks today ^^;