A Week in Tokyo 47

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2009/11/29 01:19 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Uploaded all these photos before I got to Singapore and was supposed to write this up between meals but obviously didn't get the chance to ^^;
Stepped off the Singapore roller coaster and already been on the Tokyo roller coaster since I arrived. Loads of mails and clients tasks to catch up on and just got a request from Tokyo MX TV to do short feature on my shenanigans to be aired across Japan early Jan.

First photo - at the Kotobukiya flagship store signing copies of Otacool with Ai-chan. Steve Nagata in the middle.

With Chris at the office. This is where we build everything. Many folks still think I blog full time but my main line of work is actually running an IT company and cleaning toilets ^^;

Prepping the Mac Book Air for the Singapore trip. Tried to use MobileMe to keep settings and prefs in sync but does not work if the usernames are not the same on both machines?
For example settings like folder directories get synced over to the MacBook Air where my username is Nanoha but my username on the MacBook Pro is Guncannon - the MacBook Air ends up with /User/Guncannnon/blah/ which does not exist.

How do you handle keeping a working environment up to date on more than two machines? a USB drive? MobileMe?

Sushi dinner. Puch Kyoka and Taiga exchange clothes for a bit.

100 yen iPhone cases.

Wish this was a Dollfie wig store instead.

Soybean spaghetti for lunch.

On a sunny day, Chris n I would head out on bicycle to grab some lunch. Here we are at Gotanda.

Kua'Aina does very good burgers - the best I've tried in Tokyo.

This was when I just got hold of the Miracle Mirai T-shirts. KL is now working on a Haruka-chan for me ^o^

Weekly dose of health food. Nendoroid Saber gives her look of approval.

Heading off to the Japan Times HQ with the aid of the carnavi. I don't think I could get far without it ^^; Do you have a carnavi installed?

Would love to have a high rise apartment in Tokyo some day. Just need to make sure that its got decent sound insulation. For folks who like in high rise apartments - can you hear noise from the apartment above or nextdoor?

Watching a "Demonstretion" at an eroge shop in Akihabara.

Puchi Kyoka goes for a dip in some curry.

Very nice replica of Tetsujin in Akihabara for the latest NTT campaign.

A load of ladies pull in the punters.

Heading back to the office on the Yamanote line.

Mobile carrier Softbank (the iPhone guys) want to give you 10 months worth of their monthly fees for free if you ditch your current carrier and go with them instead. You still have to pay for your normal calls though.

Been seeing a load of these anti-bacterial sprays at the entrance of many retail stores. They have these in your neck of the woods too?

The Ikea restaurant on a Saturday night is packed!

Food is very cheap. Taste ranges from good to acceptable ^^;

Picked up a mirror for dance practice - 6990 yen. Was supposed to practice some moves but never got round to - which is why I looked like a wally on stage at the AFA last weekend ^^;

Thinking about some new stuff for the kitchen.

Was also thinking about replacing stuff in the living room too.

Inbox now up to 10931 unread ^^;

Found an interior book which had a lovely retro Star Wars toy room fit enough to go into Otacool.

More of that Star Wars room.

Used to have a handful of these retro Star Wars toys myself.

Noticed a few new items which would be great for figure display.

At last - managed to find a proper heat resistant coffee pot which I'm using for my tea.

Spend a lot of time in my fave section - lighting.

Checking out.

Always managed to fit everything in the trusty March.

Another week of figure arrivals.

Watching some German news in the morning. The NHK channel shows news from around the world. Some programs are broadcasted in native language on one sound channel and Japanese on the other. I remember when I first came to Japan and changed the Friday night film over from the English to the Japanese sound channel - was a Steve Segal movie. Did you know he speaks bloody good Japanese? Forward to 2:30 to listen to him talk.

Steve Segal CM thrown in below for good measure.

The gorgeous Matsushima Nanako shows us how to use Wii fit Plus which I should be playing more of - but am ending up playing more of Bayonetta instead.

Inglorious Basterds came out recently in Japan. Recommended watch?

Charging up my Suica - the electronic payment card. Was originally released to pay for passage on JR transport and evolved to a form of payment for daily amenities. Can now also be used on some non JR transportation too.

Was a windy week in Tokyo - and when the wind blows it *really* blows.

Use the rechargeable eneloop batteries for stuff that needs a frequent change of batteries like the keyboard n mouse and the standard alkaline batteries for stuff which lasts ages like the clocks in the house.

The local shotengai.

How about some Shirako for starters - fish soldiers.

Asari soup to go with the sushi.

Cardboard recycle day.

The new mug filed with some lovely PG Tips.

Bento dinners taste great from time to time.

Can, glass and plastic recycle day.

Haven't been to this place for ages. Tasted quite good ^^

At the Good Smile offices for a day of work which you read in A Day in Tokyo 6.

Wifey brought back this really interesting plant which opens by day and closes by night. We not sure what its called.

Hmmm. Feel like some Indian food while I write this - and its 12:30 midnight ^^;

Been having a lot of these English (ragga) muffins since I discovered that they sell em in the local supermarkets.

Shy puchi Kyouka and Thai for lunch.

Some cheap second hand computers ranging from 14800 yen to 35800 yen.

Three headed Hello Kitty.

A single D Stage can hold up to 4 figma's like this. Was trying to come up with a way to attach a D Stage to the wall.

New Ikea lighting in the lounge. Loving the MacBook Air which is running Snow Leopard. My main MacBook Pro is still on Leopard. Anybody having probs with Snow? No probs here so far but I dont use this machine for developing.

Bayonetta - one of the best games I've ever played. Was speaking to Kurot today too and shes completed it already! Clip below talks about the lady who plays Bayonetta - me wants a pic with her too! Hmmm. I bet Alodia would make a gorgeous Bayonetta!

Must get some Bayonetta hours in this week before I forget all the combo moves.

Dollfie sized rucksacks at the UFO Catcher.

At The local bistro for lunch.

Trying out the Monja Yaki place that we haven't been to for ages too.

Monja Yaki is like a mix of veggies n seafood cooked on a hot plate which you eat with metal spatulas - give it a whirl when you are over here for an interesting eating experience.

AmiAmi Miyafuji which I owe you a review of - very cute indeed. Will try to hang from ceiling somehow.

Chucking out a load of boxes - need to pull out the plastic and flatten the cardboard first though. Usually keep boxes for a while in the event that I get bored of a figure which I can then retire to a comrade. Do you keep *all* you boxes?
Usually throw out boxes for electronic equipment as they take up so much space. The Mac boxes are so nicely made though that it makes you wonder how much Apple are charging us just for the packaging.

Chris drinks a load of Coke!

The new secretary?
T'was a sample sent over from Hobby Stock of Super Sonico. Available at Hobby Stock for 10000 yen. The other side is ecchi but you can see that at Hobby Stock if you want ^^;

Tis the season where we is using the heating quite often which dries up the air - the moisturizer keeps the air moist and saves our eyes and throat from drying up and bleeding all over the gaff.