A week in Tokyo 4

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2007/12/17 19:37 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Another busy week in Tokyo.

First off is the train. Usually dead quiet from the early hours until about 6PM where people start to be more talkative. By 10PM, many are babbling on about something or other and the carriages smell of alcohol and nicotine - usually from drunk salary men.

Many salary men have to go out drinking with clients and is all part of the job.
Are trains in your region dead quiet or full of babble?

Cabinet full of empty figure boxes waiting to be thrown away when we do the Nenmatsu Oo Souji.
Usually throw boxes away for everything unless I want to keep the box to store other bits n pieces in them.
Do you keep boxes for everything you buy?

Izumi Gardens entrance at Roppongi Ichome station. Many meetups are set at this location.

At the offices of Columbia Music. Columbia have launched a social networking music site called Otorevo aimed at musicians who have a chance to be scouted by Columbia.

In this picture, we are calling the winner of the last contest where a musician gets a contract with Columbia.

Waiting for a train. Not all stations have these security doors.

When you throw out rubbish, you will often see a ton of manga waiting for collection too.

Off to lunch in Shibuya.

This place serves curry soup.

And this is what it looks like. The soup splashes everywhere no matter how careful you are so they give out bibs to wear.

Grabbing some Starbucks at Cerulean tower where Google and GMO is located.

Picking up some groceries at Tokyu store.

Japan is still on season one of Heroes. Does anybody know when season two part two is back on air?

Some restaurants require shoes to be taken off. Lockers like these are provided - pick a locker and pull out the piece of wood which becomes your key.

Dinner - deep fried beef cutlet with egg in soup.

This weeks room.

Working on the Vader shin guards. Got this machine a year ago and have been meaning to start a line of wearable accessories (bags and shoes) - looks like the web stuff takes priority for now.

BTW, this sewing machine is called a postbed machine and is used to make shoes but can be used for handbags too.

On the road going to Yokohama.

At a friends house for dinner. A little short to be a Vader.

Being attacked by a phantom-of-the-opera elf.

My friend recorded a show called Blog TV that I was on last year and insisted that I watch it on their High Definition plasma. Was the first time that I really sat down and watched something in HD - the quality is staggering.

If you are interested in watching the show, it has been uploaded to YouTube and you can see it in this article.

On the Wii after dinner.

A couple walk their dog on a sunny cold n crisp morning in Tokyo.

Grabbing some Mc D's breakfast also known as "Asa Mac" or "Morning Mac."

Most shops open at about 10 or 11.

More electronic goods left in the road awaiting collection.

My friends unfortunate MacBook - screen cracked. Well at least he has an Eva to make him feel better ^^;