A week in Tokyo 3

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2007/12/10 19:23 JST in A Week in Tokyo

This weeks installment of A week in Tokyo. If you know of anybody else doing the same sort of weekly life post then let us know as I personally would love to learn about life in other regions too.

First up is dinner meeting with Good Smile Company's staff members in Matsudo. This is Indotei restaurant just below the Good Smile offices. Tis no coincidence as the place is run by Max Factory - not only do they make great figures, they also make great curry too!

The boss at Good Smile told me to tell you that if you go for food at Indotei and mention dannychoo.com and also ask the staff to call Good Smile, they will give you a figure along with your meal.

A dish ready for eats at Indotei.

For those who were wondering - yes I do eat at home too ^^;
Some vegetable gratan (not sure how グラタン is written in English) and some crab flown in from Hokkaido.

On the road from meeting in east Tokyo.

Visit to Suitengu shrine.

First time I played with electric drums - these are awesome. Want.

Looking for office space in Tokyo. Plan to hire more staff next year and have the servers on site.

I'm also expanding my network of remote programmers. If you are seasoned at PHP, MYSQL, AJAX, CSS, familiar with the MVC model and are interested in working remotely part time for me then contact me at .
Am also looking for designers who are seasoned at Flash and UI work. Send me some examples of your work and your hourly rates. Payment will be into your paypal account.

Superstar programmers who are able to work well with my team may have an opportunity and be recruited to work in Tokyo for my company Mirai Inc (should you wish to). I will sponsor your visa.

The Pizza Hut pizza that we saw last week looks completely different in the flesh. No more Pizza Hut for me in Japan.

What the desk looks like just before I leave for an external meeting - the MacBook goes with me everywhere.

At a meeting with the folks at iKnow. iKnow is building the next generation language learning technology. Currently only English learning is available but Japanese should be available in the future. Is great for reverse learning Japanese although you need a certain level of Japanese to do that.

Dinner meeting in a Spanish restaurant.

Gundam Pachi Slot. I should go in and try it out.

Catching some of the autumn leaves.

Practicing cycling by going around the neighborhood.

Exploring the Hatanodai area. A ton of sailor fuku school girls can be seen going to and from class. Its like watching a 3D anime ^^;

More Hatanodai.

I was wondering why I see many Japanese kids on unicycles - its because they are taught to ride one in school!

Some Oyako don for lunch. After years of eating it I discover why its called Oyako don.
Oya = Parent = in this case is chicken.
Ko = Child = in this case meaning egg.

This dish is like a chicken omelet on rice.

More lunch and this time round its Salad Udon (noodles).

In my opinion is the best game on the Wii so far - No More Heroes.
The attention to detail in this game is amazing. Presentation is utterly cool and has extremely good use of the remote and nunchuck.

Travis is the character you control and from being a cool dude who goes around town slashing up his opponents with his beam katana, he is an otaku too and you may just be able to make out all the figures he has in his room here.
I didn't think sword action would be this good - much more fun than any of the previous Devil May Cry games.
If you own a Wii then try to check out this game - its really bloody awesome - and humorous too. Wallpaper and official site here. Currently playing one level per gaming session as I tend not to play for prolonged lengths of time - I start to feel that I need to do more work before I can continue to reward myself with more gameplay time ^^;

Used to sit playing games for hours on end when I was a student. Tomb Raider and MGS on the PS2 immediately spring to mind.
How long do you spend playing games in one session?

Spent a sunny Sunday afternoon programming. Got data organization, detail page and comment threading done on figure.fm. Now need to work on the image upload and comments form.

BTW, thats Ginger Ale in the wine glass ^^;

Spend some time in Miura Hantou - a few hours drive from Tokyo going South past Yokohama. Forgot where this area is but it reminded me much of Laputa - it just like the anime - extremely silent with vines wrapping around what looked like ruins.

Was surprised to see how clean the water was so close to Tokyo.