A Week in Tokyo 23

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2008/08/24 09:17 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Particularly busy in Tokyo this week. Major milestone completions, Portal redesign launch and filming - an extremely fulfilling week. Next week will be filled with external meetings, Chara Hobby, server migrations to be followed the following week by more major TV network filming and if all goes well the launch of one of my clients English websites.

Cant mention which news network carried out the filming but will announce once its on air - you will be able to see it online. Here you see us going through a box of puchi nendoroids.

Out of all the media appearances I've made, this one is the biggest and pretty much covers the entire globe. They cover my work in Tokyo and film me working with one of my clients at their office which also gives them exposure too. The news feature wil also be the first news network to announce a certain thingy ^^; Very much looking forward to this one.

Comrades who are website owners will know that I try my best to channel traffic to their sites instead of attempting to keep everybody behind a silo - will continue to carry out my duty of sharing because sharing is good for everyone.

And then we hit Shibuya for some filming of Japanese Girls ^^;

Need to find a way to easily update the media apperance list which keeps growing ^^;

And the conference so far are...

Name that JR station.

Mc Dees are doing 100 yen for each of these deals. Anybody thought "Shanna" as soon as you saw this?

The lovely Kaho on my to-meet list.

The mascots for Sato Pharmaceutical. They can be seen outside pharmacies but don't usually wear T-shirts.

Its the half boiled egg on Pizza time again.

Fancy having your feet massaged for 35 mins at a laughable 4200 yen?

Or how about a shoulder massage - 10 mins for 1050 yen.

Kaisen Yakisoba - 1050 yen. Mikuru and Nunchucks - priceless (because shes a SAF) ^^;

Getting decent shoes in my size in Tokyo is a pain. I'm a UK size 10 and not many places do that size. I had to go all the way to Kichijoji where the head Nike store is just for these trainers. They were about 7000 yen.
I would have thought that with the change in Japanese eating habits that the lads would have bigger feet by now. Anybody here have the same problem?

I usually get my shoes when I'm overseas. The last batch of shoes I got was from LA last year.

The busy schedule causes me to eat at odd times now and then - fast food to the rescue.

There is something about being in Mc Dees which creates an atmosphere that allows you to easily ponder stuff as you look out the window. I've spoken to many Japanese friends who feel the same too. Maybe Mc Dees are sticking something in the coke ^^;

"It is an outlet for the personal computer. Please use it freely."

Many folks in the media are writing that the iPhone boom is over now that everywhere seems to have them in stock and the monthly payment has dropped from 7280 yen to 2990 yen.

Shopping for groceries.

The colonel gets in the Matsuri mood.

Shop selling second hand stuff which seems to be getting more n more popular. You is being having second hand stuff around the house?

Half boiled egg on peas n bacon - about 200 yen.

Meitaiko Spaghetti with seaweed - about 400 yen.

Stuffed animals are not given any dignity over here.

More half boiled egg shenanigans in a kaisendon set - 880 yen.

Meeting up with some readers including Nekoguchi, Windbell and Adun. While I don't get to meet all readers who contact me due to the schedule, I do manage to get away once in a while.

The manga version of Ronald.

Sour Salmon with vegetables - 800 yen.

Dusting and cleaning before the TV crew arrive ^^;

Mos rice burger and chilli chicken.

Clint Eastwood makes it to Pachinko.

Mikuru Uncho joins me for lunch.

That red shirt is designed for dogs...

As you may have guessed by now, raw or half boiled eggs are part of the Japanese diet. Are you the type who only eats eggs well done? Have you tried raw egg while in Japan?

Scrambled egg okonomi yaki.

Some dessert after an afternoon of coding ^^;

Getting the battery changed after 3 years.

Cost about 12000 yen for a new Eneos battery.

If there is one thing I love about Japan its the roadworks. They always have little men waving their mini light sabers guiding pedestrians and traffic.

You know exactly when the roadworks are going to finish. These guys are going to be finished on the same day at 6PM.

The roadworks back in the UK were terrible. They went on forever and if you peeked in the holes left in the road you would see traffic cones and always newspaper.

The roadworks in Seattle were pretty bad too which also went on forever. Roadworks go on forever in your region or come and go swiftly?

A new Kanu figure - review soon.

New figures arrive every week and seem to be spending more time dusting and figuring out what stays or what goes ^^;
On average, how often do you get a new figure?