A week in Tokyo 2

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2007/12/03 20:01 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Mentioned that I may not get to do these every week but it looks like from the previous weeks comments that you liked this new series - so every week it will be.

Taken in the evening at about 5PM after a meeting in Ikebukuro. Quite a few shopping spots including Tokyu Hands and Toranoana for your doujinshi and figures.

More dinner meetings. Anin tofu, ice cream dessert with some Mikuru on the side.

Catching some evening news before heading out to more dinner meetings. Carlos Ghosn test drives the new Nissan GT-R.

Jiyugaoka is where you will find many young females who come for the good food and fashion outlets. I come for dinner meeting.

Looking for the Wii board - sold out everywhere.

Road closed off for construction - they were gone a few hours later with no trace of roadworks. Love the cute puchi vehicle.

The SOS-Dan take over the dashboard in the car.

Raw beef n egg is something that I became accustomed to eat after moving to Japan ^^;

Thinking of getting a larger plasma or a projector.

Dinner at Lalaport in Yokohama. This shopping complex is not as popular as the Lalaport in Toyosu judging from lack of shoppers.

Visiting folks at Columbia Music Entertainment in Roppongi.

Thinking of paying an extra 1600 yen to NTT to get wireless internet access around Tokyo - would be nice if I had that iPod Touch too but will wait until Jan the 15th-ish when Apple may announce a mini portable touchscreen mac.

14 vending machines in a row - if you've spotted more send in your picture ^^;

Sometimes the schedule doesn't allow for decent food so Mc D's it is.

Wondered what my room looks like from my figures view point - a figures eye view of the room by Fauna.

Gunbuster Noriko's view.

Fugu - a few people die each year eating this poisonous fish and my wife convinces me to have some with her ^^;
This is Fugu sashimi. Tastes kinda rubbery and very different from "normal" fish.
One of the fugu dishes that they brought along was still pulsating - very fresh is the fish in Japan.

This hairdressers stick a load of bikes and shine light on them to attract customers.

The most useful signs in the train station are these - they tell you which carriage to get on depending on the exit you want at your destination.
So lets say I am at Shibuya and want to get off at Meguro - I can see that the exit at Meguro is by the 11th carriage. I get on the 11th carriage at Shibuya so that I arrive right in front of the exit when the train reaches Meguro.

Japan Airlines upgrading their premium economy seats.

A trip to Kujukuri-Hama or "99 beach" in Chiba.

About a two hour drive from central Tokyo. Surfing goes on here all year round. Yes it was cold ^^;

More test runs in the armor - buying some beverage in Family Mart.

Lunch with Weiden and kennedy in Roppingi.