A Week in Tokyo 16

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2008/06/05 07:42 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Another busy week running around Tokyo. Starting off with one of my favorite pastimes - driving on a sunny day on the highways above Tokyo listening to Ridge Racer tunes. Video I took a while ago with that RR tune.

BLT n Miku lunch. 960 yen at Jonathan's.

I'm getting old - forgot what this is called - bibimbap? Do remember the price which was 760 yen.

Mc Dees do lovely icecream for 100 yen.

Fries go well with Spaghetti - 800 yen.

Many smokers in Japan carry around portable ashtrays. They look cool but I don't smoke and cant think of anything to put in it. Do folks carry around portable ashtrays in your region?

Hayashi curry lunch - 880 yen.

Want a new SLR and thinking of going for the Kiss2 with live preview functionality built in.
Also want the GR Digital II compact camera as you can change lenses.

Many trains let you sit beside the driver but you have to be 6ft tall and weigh over 65 kilos for some reason. Before you get on, just press the yellow button next to the drivers seat which will measure your height and weight. If you qualify, the door will open and you can get in with the train driver.

Hearushi lunch - 1200 yen.

Some bits n pieces from the pharmacy. Duster, deodorant and some refill for the anti-mosquito dome. For those who dont know, Japan has tons of mosquitoes as soon as it starts to get warm. Little blighters.

I dust down the office, polish the tables and vacuum the floor every two days as I cant concentrate on work knowing that theres dust all around. Besides - too much dust is bad for me asthma.

How often is you being cleaning your room? Maybe you can post pictures of your room before and after cleaning in the Your Room category.

Figures are removed from the table and stuck in a corner for a while.

Cleaning done and figures back in place. One of my Ikea bulbs just went. Is it just me or are the lifespan of Ikea bulbs really short?

Some of Hectors desk also filled with SAFS.

The girls here also get a dusting down.

Dell server arrives. Will be used as a development server. The fans are so loud that it sounds like its going to take off.

We choose the linux based Ubuntu as the server which comes with PHP5 and MYSQL by default. Setting up a server from scratch (including installation) with Ubuntu took about an hour. The server will be taken to the server labs tomorrow.

Chuka lunch - 800 yen.

Carrying around the PS2 version of Haruhi is tough because of the bits n pieces she has hanging off her.

There was some sort of ice festival in my local shoping arcade where animals were frozen for people to point and laugh at.

Another old lady laughs at this poor defenseless crab-kun.

Nothing better than clear roads on a sunny day in Tokyo. Vroom Vroom.

Been living in this area for about 3 years now and only discovered this Shotengai (shopping district) a few days ago by chance. It was incredibly weired as the entrance to this place is situated in a what seems like a deserted block of buildings. It was like a waking through that tunnel in Spirited Away. Spirited Away trailer below for those who have not seen it.

Kata Yakisoba - 460 yen. BTW - if you click on the prices, you are taken to the USD equivalent. If there is enough demand, I will make it so that you can set the currency too so you will get Pounds, Euros etc instead of USD for example.

This weeks Mc Dees goodies that come with the kids meal. Dragon ball for the boys and Cinnamoroll for the girls and the boys with high pitched voices.

Rush hour on the trains.

Now they are asking you to use your mobile phone at home only. What?

One for the girls - forgot the name of this group.

Umbrella parking.

Out n about in Tachikawa for meetings.

At the Kotobukiya offices going over some stuff.

If you are at a restaurant and get handed a bowl of what looks like droppings - grind it with the piece of wood that you are given.

If you dont grind quickly enough, they take away your wooden stick.

Once you have done your grinding, the pepper and sesame seeds is used to sprinkle on the main course.

Many menus hang on the wall like this.Folks who dont read the lingo can do what my gaijin friends do when they are in Tokyo - close eyes, point and let fate decide. Just hope fate does not choose some of this for you.

Ah nearly forgot to mention - was just jesting about being able to sit next to the driver. If you really try to do so then you will probably be arrested.