A Week in Tokyo 15

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2008/05/23 06:13 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Its been just over week since I got back from Germany and have just about adjusted to local time - usually takes me a whole week.
First up is a new sushi place that opened nearby. There are now about 10 sushi places in this area all competing with each other.

Sushi on a conveyor belt is known as Kaiten Sushi and not just fish is stuck on the conveyor. These are apple and orange flavored drinks.

We also get fries on the conveyor too. The price of the sushi is determined by the plate color. Standard is about 150 yen and the more expensive ones in this place go up to about 550 yen for two pieces of sushi. Whats the price of sushi like in your region?

In all the other places I've been, a person usually comes up to count how many plates you have stacked up. In this place however, they have chips inside the plates which are scanned. This saves them time from counting plates and working out the prices for each color.

As you read in my Hamburg article, my MacBook Pro decided to die. Sent it off to Apple to get it fixed and have been using the Mac Mini booted from my MacBook Pro disk image in the meantime.

Been using the bluetooth Rolly as the speaker for the mini - the speaker in the mini is crap.

Many Japanese folks still firmly believe in this form of scaring off the cats which you can read about in my previous Neko Yoke article.

This is where we go to play badminton - a huge park nearby which is full of folks on a sunny day.

Fried egg filled with crab meat on ramen noodles with a side dish of Haruhi.
Ramen noodles = 800 yen.
Haruhi = Priceless. Shes a SAF so shes really price-less ^^;

6AM - a man unloads his truck of vegetables.

This weeks goodies that come with the kids meals.

New Ikkitousen Pachinko slot machines. (Whats Pachinko?)

Teritama at Johnathan's. Its Teriyaki chicken with fried leek and half boiled egg on rice with a bowl of udon. 990 yen.

No shortage of supplies for the smoker in Tokyo.

Mos Burger - Seafood Rice Burger, Chicken Nuggets n fries with Melon Soda = 880 yen.

Sushi meeting. I prefer ordering at the table instead of shouting out at the sushi guy at the counter. When you order at the table, you fill in a form of what you want. Here you see what I usually order. Slightly grilled salmon, Engawa, Maguro, Ikura and Mikuru.

Love stopping by the rivers with the overpasses and fall into deep thought ^^;

Saizeriya have a great strategy - none of their menu items are over 1000 yen and most are about 500 yen meaning that people order more - their strategy seems to be working on me ^^; All this for about 800 yen.

The price of land is going up in my area since the train that was overground has been made underground. Here you see the tracks removed and a load of new construction work going on. This is good news since we own some land here.

Having some Wendys for late B'fast - tasted like poo.

Was in Azabujuban yesterday which brought back many memories as usual. Amazon rented us an apartment here for a while (which I talk about in my Tokyo Apartments article) when we got back from Seattle.

Azabu is one of the more upper class areas of Tokyo. Rent is on the expensive side and there are a load of gaijin in the area too because of all the foreign embassies situated in the area.

Nothing better than some cold udon and tempura on a hot day.

Really fedup of my AU phone and service. Been looking at some of the Softbank offerings. This phone reveals a full keyboard on the inside.

And this is what it looks like when folded. Kinda nice.

Another Softbank phone with a rotating screen to watch TV.
My current mobile is the Casio W41CA which I got many moons ago. Unlike most Docomo and Softbank phones, my mobile cant be used abroad which is a pain. Its also as thick as a brick. Think I will end up sitting it out and wait to see if they do eventually launch the iPhone in Japan.
How often do you change your mobile phone?

A mobile that transforms into a little robo - from Keitai Sousakan. Anybody watching this? OP below.

The word for a mobile phone in Japanese is "Keitai Denwa" but is always abbreviated to just "Keitai."
Another reason why I want to ditch my current carrier is because of the prices. I'm paying about 15000 yen per month but AU are advertising much lower prices for new sign ups. This means that old loyal customers continue to pay more and newbies pay much less. Kinda annoying.
How much on average is your mobile phone bill per month?

Tis getting quite warm in Tokyo which means time to wear the 2D girl T-shirts.

A house being built nearby. Completely made of wood and designed to be torn down easily.

Overpass at Gotanda.

In Akihabara getting some goodies.

Akihabara station.

Fried squid n vegges for lunch - 800 yen.