A Week in Tokyo 14

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2008/05/05 15:56 JST in A Week in Tokyo

The gorgeous Mikatan from Good Smile Company. Was there this week again to go over the final production stages of...

Reading up on The Otaku market which is currently valued at 1.651 billion USD.

On the way home from the Hobby Stock BBQ.

Indy! Looking forward to this. Trailer below.

Waiting for train. Most underground stations have barriers that open only when the train arrives. Wonder when JR are going to invest some money to do the same for their platforms - they should at least try to stop people jumping.
JR train fares are generally higher than underground fares too - greedy gits.

Do you have barriers between the platform and train on your region? I know they do in Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. Not sure what its like back in London as I have not been for ages.

Haruhi Wonton Ramen - 900 yen.

A stroll in the local neighborhood. Its Golden Week this week which is why Tokyo is half empty.

Haruhi n chips n burger - all for 800 yen.

Ordering some sushi - 240 yen for two pieces.

Haruhi n Yuki play in the lounge.

Study time in lounge.

Shopping for groceries.

Gets me the Sanyo eneloop mobile booster so that I will have an extra 4 hours when I run out of iPod and NDS juice on the plane - 5480 yen.

Fauna and dinner at home - fish n veggies.

Lunch with the Good Smile crew again.

This restaurant is run by Max Factory - they do great nan.

A few figures fall over after an earthquake - Good Smile offices.

Behind Mikatans desk.

Hair cut for 1000 yen. I used to cut my own hair when it was long but chopped it all off when I started loose hair.

A photo in a bookshop of old Tokyo.

Another retro pic.

Snapped in the Matsudo area in East Tokyo where the Good Smile offices are.
The rent here is dead cheap - two floors for 42000 yen per month. No key money or deposit required and comes complete with furniture and a loft - very rare indeed.
The catch is that its a 19 min walk from the station.

Prices of rent drop drastically based on the distance form the nearest train station. Folks who are thinking of living in Tokyo, have a look at my Tokyo Apartments article - learn what Key money is etc.
What is rent like in your region? I think I asked before but I didn't ask exactly how much you are paying. You is be paying how much per month?

Relaxing for a change in the lounge with my SAFS - Suddenly Acquired FigureS for those who dont know ^^;

A closer look at these two later this week ^^;

Some new houses for sale. These are called Tateuri where you buy the house with the land - you are generally paying more if you buy property like this. I recommend that you buy land and then build the house yourself on top. if you are looking to buy property in Tokyo, you can read my previous experience of buying a house in my Tokyo Property Purchase article.

These new houses cost 73000000 yen - there are two houses here.

Mikuru and some Chinese lunch - 800 yen.

Grabbing the latest To Love Ru manga. I should probably start to pick up Claymore too - 390 yen.

Preparing my slides for Hamburg. I used to use Powerpoint all the time in Amazon and Microsoft and must say that Apple Keynote pees on Powerpoint from an extremely tall building. Never knew about Keynote until I saw a guy from Google presenting in Tokyo other other day.

The "Week in Tokyo" series will take a rest until I get back to Japan so next week will be "A week in Germany." Will still continue to post articles but most updates will probably be in the News Items in the left column which you can also RSS Subscribe too. Will post stuff from my iPod Touch when I sniff some Wifi. Dont forget to check the Member News Items too for some cool stuff being posted.