A Week in Tokyo 13

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2008/04/26 14:19 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Another busy week in Tokyo running around like mad man.

Photo taken outside Takadanobaba station. This place was our first hub when we came to Japan - lived on the Seibu Shinjuku line about 30 mins to the West. Brought back lots of memories just standing in this spot. Nine years it has been.

Not really a place to visit but is home to Waseda university so you see a load of students around the area.

One thing you may want to see is the amount of Tezuka stuff around - I believe his first studios were in the area. You can see his work decorating the streets and shops.

More Tezuka stuff - my fave being Astro Boy Atom. The last series of Atom was awesome - OP below.

Having some "Indo Ryori" or "Indian food" for a lunch meeting.
One thing I do like about Tokyo is the variety of international food available. In my area there is an English pub which does decent fish n chips (no savaloy though) and Italian, Spanish, Thai, Philippine, Korean, French and Chinese places to dine at.
Ginza has much more variety though - there are a few good Malaysian places there which I enjoy.

When I visit Shanghai however, I hardly see any international cuisine - a few Japanese and Korean places but thats it.
What is your region like? Do you have plenty of international nourishment establishments to dine at?

"This bicycle park is for customers only."

Have a habit of dropping figures because I fidget with them while thinking of database schematics and stuff.

The last figure I dropped was Mizuki-chan - ribbon fixed with some superglue.

And this is what I use to dust down the figures - a cooking brush picked up from a 100 yen store. Spend time every few days going through the Gunpla and figures doing dusting - its kinda therapeutic ^^;

Is having the Yakiniku - DIY cooking of beefs at the dinner meetings.

I've got a picture of me and Milla Jovovich somewhere - need to dig it up. Met her back in the UK when I was a groupie.
Is Biohazard 3 any good?

Walkies in Yokohama.

Want a boat - need to buy a plane first though.

Is having the sandwich for the lunch meetings. Sandwiches are known as "Sando" which is short for "Sandwich" but the Japanese often romanize "Sando" and write it as "Sand."
Have seen a sign saying "Have some delicious sand for lunch."

Out to get some groceries. That yellow sign means "medicine." A pharmacy is known as "Yakkyoku" ]。

No escaping these two.

The first drink I buy when I land in Seoul is Achim Haetsal - I think its a sort of rice drink. Tastes gorgeous. Luckily they sell it in Korean stores in Tokyo too.
Shin Ookubo has a large Korean population so if you are looking for good Korean food and groceries then thats the place to go - get off at Shin Ookubo station on the JR Yamanote line.

Is having some Kaisen Yakisoba for the lunch.

Stopping by at a local shrine.

Picking up some drinks from the conbini.

Hoshino Aki plays Wii Mario Kart. Mario Kart CM below.

Getting the Yamanote line.

On the move.

Posted this pic yesterday - enlargeable.
Member Gordon was wondering why some photos don't enlarge - articles with gallery photos enlarge while non-gallery articles only have 400px wide photos. I generally do gallery articles where photos may be worth enlarging.

Having some udon for din dins.

Going for some lunch.

A guard protecting his cones.

They are doing some decent Keroro goodies with the kids meal at Mc Dees - full list here.

A morning walk.

Visiting Joi Labs.

Some residential parking looks like this. 6 cars can park in this small space. There are a set of controls to lower and raise the bays.

This is the parking unit rising to show the third bay at the bottom.