A Week in Tokyo 12

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2008/04/17 15:03 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Spent a lot of the past week in the office focusing on a client launch. The client is a name that you are familiar with and am excited to announce it - when the time comes ^^.

Photo taken at Naka Meguro - grabbing a taxi back home. Haven't used the taxis for a while and forgot that I even wrote an article about the taxi prices going up. It felt like every time I closed my eyes, I would open them to discover that the meter jumped a few hundred yen.
I was beginning to wonder if there was a camera which detected passenger blinks so that they could notch up the meter while one was not looking ^^;

Catching the last of the Hanami season (whats Hanami?) at Naka Meguro.

Many folks are out n about taking a stroll by the river.

This time its Hanami at Meguro.

Meguro River. Have some comrades at Disney Online working in the building on the left.

A hotel built in the shape of a castle on the left of the pic.

Meguro River goes on forever and is a great place for a stroll on a sunny Sunday - much more lively than the Sumida river walk.

At a ramen place.

Butter corn miso ramen for lunch.

Believe it or not but most Japanese are still afraid of using a credit card online. So much so that Amazon are selling these shopping cards at convenient stores - pay for them in cash and use the card number online to buy stuff.
When I was at Amazon, the credit card usage was extremely low which was why the COD (Cash On Delivery) project was of such importance - the "order and pay at the door when goods arrive" thingy. Do you have COD in your region?

I personally buy stuff online all the time wherever possible to save time trooping around town - hardware, figures...hardware and figures.

The only major problem I had was when I ordered something and requested it to be delivered on a particular day - did not arrive and was rather annoyed as it was a birthday gift.
The online store apologized and let us keep the goods without charge - was about 30000 yen.

Mirei San arrived with some dodgy paintwork but Kotobukiya replaced her straight away.

Have you had nightmares ordering stuff online in the past? Any places that your fellow otaku should avoid?

The 100 yen white umbrella is so popular in Japan that you will always see them outside a restaurant on a rainy day. People usually pick them up from convenient stores when they forget their other umbrella. But because they are so cheap, many people don't bother to retrieve it after use.

Having some Katsu over lunch meetings.

600 yen for a bento box.

Yes I eat at home sometimes too ^^; And yes - there is always something to play with on the table.

Sorting through old warranties - a gullible Mac fanboi as you can see.

Found warranties going back 8 years!

Konata and Bistro lunch meeting.

Cute little bike - it needs some Mirai stickers on it or something.

Man about to electrocute himself.

Grabbing groceries on the way home. Apples cucumbers and tomatoes to be precise.

Thought I would have a healthy salad lunch - got so hungry after only a few hours ^^;

A load of manga in the bins.

I'm so glad they have Frosties in Japan. If you are in Tokyo - go to Costco and get these restaurant-use ones instead for much much cheaper.

Out n about on the bike.

At the park playing some badminton.

In the office with Fauna and RX77-D.

This weeks office. A few Ikea lights broke ToT.

Girls with wings on the right of the photo.

Need to clone myself so that I can spend time making Gundams orz.

Still the cutest figure in my collection.

Driving around town with the SOS Dan.