A Week in Tokyo 11

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2008/04/06 07:25 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Another week in Tokyo. First up is a snap from the next office tour. There was a lot of sensitive stuff lying around so the company needs to go through the material and approve it. If theres anything left after approval then I will upload ^^; Can you guess which company?

When I first came to Japan, I refused to wait 10 mins for what I considered to be fast food. I then learned how nice the burgers are at Mos Burger and that they are completely different to what one would expect at Mc Donalds.

For example, rice replaces the bread with this seafood rice burger.

An example of how cigarettes are promoted in Japan.

Some Cha-Han for lunch - or "fly lice" as we used to say back in England.

Our car gets the Sha-Ken - a checkup to see if the car is road worthy and must be taken every few years. Each checkup costs about 70000 yen. If the car is not inspected by the next checkup due date then one is not allowed to drive the car.

Currently playing Ninja Gaiden Dragon Sword on the DS. I have the PS3 version and was skeptical at how a single stylus could control the main character and all the different moves. After playing it for a bit however, I'm still pretty amazed at how well the game is put together in terms of graphics, sound and gameplay.
Ninja Gaiden in action below.

Lunch, Meeting and Haruhi.

This is Taiyaki - its a snack where some read bean paste or custard is sandwiched in some batter and grilled in a mould the shape of a fish.

And this is what it looks like close up - sprinkled with some sugar power.

Posters for the Akihabara Entertainment Festival - ends tomorrow ^^;

At Bic Camera to check out the latest gadgets.

The view from the Starbucks in Shibuya.

At Hachiko where you will always find a load of people waiting around.

The absolutely yummy Maki Horikita.

More Maki. Yum.

Mac users - have you ever seen this message appear after your machine crashes?
I have my home directory on a different partition than my system folder - a habit that I carried over to Mac when I switched from Windows.
When the machine crashes, the partition that has my home directory is unmounted for some reason. After leaving the machine for 5 mins, the lost partition will remount itself and I'm able to log in again...

While the Macs do crash from time to time, they don't need restarting as much as my Windows machines did. When Leopard is booted up, its usually on or sleeping for a few weeks without a single restart.
Question for all users - how often do you restart your machine?

Bento for dinner.

One of the most annoying dramas I've seen. Saw bits of it now and then because my wife liked it ^^; How many of you enjoy Korean dramas too? The only Korean drama that I seem to remember was called "Icing" and that was over ten years ago when I first started to learn Korean.

Getting folks in Tokyo to smile while you take a picture of them is not difficult.

Especially when you are wearing something white n shiny ^^;

I notice more signs that display the station name in Korean and Chinese of late.
This reminds me of when I went to Seattle - they has signs at the airport directing passengers to arrivals in Japanese, Korean and Chinese - but no English ^^;

Italian lunch meeting.

Shopping for groceries.

"Sakamichi"] is the word for a sloped road and you can commonly hear this word in songs for some reason.

At a shopping center in Kanagawa.

At the Tamiya modeling studios.

Some kids pulling on the bears dolphin.

Picking up groceries before heading back home.

Some mango slush for dessert.