A Week in Tokyo 10

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Thu 2008/03/27 03:54 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Time seems to be speeding up at a tremendous rate lately. Last week seems like it was only yesterday and yet so much has happened it also seems like it was a month ago.

Starting off this week with a photo of the Primarees that they wanted me to give to you - full res version available in the wallpaper pool. They decided that they are going to spell their group name as Primarees instead of Primaries. Those who know about the Primarees from this article would be wondering who the new girl in the middle is - her name is Amina who is the lead singer for the group. More from the Primarees soon.

Love Tokyo on a sunny day - always makes me think that I could be taking pics of figures on the balcony ^^;

Many of the train carriages enables one to see out the front. When I going to or from Akiba, I always take the first carriage to see this view.

Forgot to upload this at the time of the Wonfes - its my "event kit" which I'll be taking with me to the Tokyo Anime Fair tomorrow. When I first started going to these events, I used to take a huge ruck sack expecting to fill it with goodies.
I never seem to buy much at the figure shows anyway and shows like tomorrows anime fair hand out goody bags anyway - see my stash of goodies from last year.
The pouch thing at the front of the photo hangs off my waist. Always wanted to make my own but never got round to it.

At Ikea again to get more stuff. Tried out their food for the first time.

And here is what I had for about 500 yen with some Mikuru on the side.

Playing some Girls Love in the dining room.

Tis hayfever season - a daily dollop of honey in yogurt seems to help.

On my way to get lunch.

My wife and I both had chronic hayfever - the new air cleaner has helped quite a bit in cleaning the air of pollen and evil spirits.

I remember in the UK there was a shop called Mr Byrite which always had a "Closing down sale" sign on the front of their shop to get the punters in - they were there for years!
Looks like they do the same in Japan too - this shop has been here forever too.

Some of the restaurants in Tokyo have you pay before you eat. You choose what you want from this vending machine, choose whether you are eating in or taking out and then stick in your dosh. Tickets are beamed down into the dish whereby you exchange them for grub.

And this is what they gave me in exchange for my ticket - its called Nagasaki Chanpon. Looks like vomit but tastes like... vomit.

And why does vomit always contain carrots and corn?

Some tempura udon for lunch meeting. Tempura is deep fried battered prawns or vegetables.

Folks who read the News Items regularly will already know about this couple who play chess in the middle of a crossing with "my father has cancer - please give me money" written on the yellow sheet.

After a few rounds, the open bag starts to fill up with more money.

The white paper has the rules which say...
When 3 mins are over you loose.
When your king is taken you loose.
When you are checked I wont say "check".
I am Jamaica's number one chess player.

The yellow sign says...
My father is suffering from cancer - please give me money.
I must acquire 200000 yen by the 18th of April when I return to Jamaica.
How much money do you have to spare for this couple?

4GB SD card get. My fave Haruhi Figma pose.

Manage to make the arms on the MG Wing Gundam.

Suddenly acquired eroge posters from the folks at Akiba Channel.

This weeks desk.

Under the desk. All those are eroge mags which I need to filter.

Bowl O ramen for dinner. I do eat out a lot but I find that its one of the ways that helps me fit everything into the schedule - by having meetings over food. How often do you eat out?

Some Kara-age - deep friend chicken nuggets.

Katsu Ochazuke - pork cutlet on rice - the pot contains a kind of soup which is poured over the rice.

A space to park your umbrella with removable keys.

Mc Dees Mc Flurry for dessert.

Tis cherry blossom season - many have started to blossom yesterday.

A new shelf for the Gundams.

The lovely Keiko Kitagawa.