A Week in Singapore

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Was invited to Singapore to give a few talks. One was for Promax BDA (article here) and the other was for a blogger workshop with Animax.
Spent about a week in Singapore and loved it. People were great and the food was too scrumptious for words.

The whole island seemed to be covered in wifi - if I had known earlier, I would have signed up with Wireless@SG for free wifi. Free wifi is hard to find in Tokyo. I've used some in Roppongi and I hear there is one in Shibuya around the Hachiko crossing. Internets should be free!

Plate looks messy but tastes absolutely fantastic - Wonton noodles.

Having a look around a local food market.

Stopped by at KKnM to look at their anime goodies. You can see more photos taken at the store in the Anime Stores article.

At another food court. The Singaporeans are spoilt for choice with the abundance of extremely gorgeous food!

Chicken rice.

Probably my all time fave dish - Char Siew, Siew Yook rice.

The Poh Piah comes served with figmas.

Fresh coconut. The flesh inside tastes gorgeous.

Out n about Little India.

One thing I noticed about Malaysia and Singapore is that the shop assistants hound you. As soon as you walk in, more often that not, an assistant would just start to follow you around in close proximity without saying a word. Its annoying desu!

I'm terrible with place names but this area is full of good food.

Taking in the sights around town.

Chose to drink Teh Tarik at any given opportunity.

Using a shared network at the hotel shows up all the other computers on the network. Make sure you turn off folder sharing and always use HTTPS when checking mail or FTPS when uploading stuff. There is a setting in Gmail which makes your default connection HTTPS instead of just HTTP.

Lol at the Windows machines which appear on the network as an old CRT with the BSOD ^^;

Some dessert after dindins. Cant remember what this was called.

Getting a few laps at the open pool on the rooftop of the hotel. Water was freezing.

Tried to eat brekkie outside each morning but ended up with hotel food when the schedule was tight. We always try to eat what the locals eat when traveling. I know many folks who always shoot for the Mc Dees even though they can get it back home.

Some sleepy chaps. Otsukaresama. Caption of the boy in the purple check shirt "try it - its harmless."

Getting round the island is easy on the MRT. Loads of Taxis above ground too. And unlike Malaysia - you don't have to ask how much before you get on ^^;

At Little India again for some grub.

An interesting parking voucher. One buys a bunch of these and before leaving the vehicle, the date and time is punched out. Folks need to be honest for stuff like this to work.

Yummy Samosa. Used to eat these often back in the UK.

Katong Laksa. Mmmmmmm.

Rehearsals for my talk at Promax.

Was very nervous the first time I spoke in front of a large audience at Trend Day in Germany but now enjoy it quite a bit. My next speaking appointment will be March 25th in Roppongi - details soon.

Kagami takes a stroll on the beach.

Love walking barefoot on the sand in the shallow end.

Moutain O crab.

Some veggies - cant remember which type.

More Singaporean tea at a local tea house - very similar to the ones I used to visit in Malaysia.

Filling up with more Laksa.

Char Siew! Siew Yook!

Probably my fave all time sweets - Hacks. had a load of these when visiting Malaysia during my wee years. Was pleasantly surprised to find them in Singapore.

When it comes to Durian, my wife eats and I watch.

More yummy local cakes.

Passing by an Internet cafe.

Taking in the scenery by the water.

This is the new parliament I think. Love the UFO thing on top.

Forgot the name of this place but the old parliament is here too which was where I presented.

A view from the other side of the water.

Was expecting it to be boiling hot last November but it was just right.

Wonton noodles after an evening walk.

Was interviewed by some online channel for the Straits Times. Was also interviewed by another reporter at the Straits Times who published a malicious article on me. As a result, I asked the Straits Times to refrain from using the video piece as they could have potentially turned it into anything they wanted.

Which was a shame because the folks who spent time that morning on the interview worked hard to get good footage.
The voices above however could have changed it into whatever they wanted - just like they did with the newspaper piece.

At the E-Max (?) gaming center to shoot more of the interview.

My wife snapped this for the ladies of DC ^^;

Didnt notice much health related magazines - illegal to sell them?

Nyan Nyan Ranka Lee Buns.

My second speaking appointment was for Animax where I shared my learning's about blogging. Been meaning to start a series of blogging tips which I haven't got around to doing.

With the General Manager of Animax Asia Gregory Ho.

After the talk its time to meet everybody. Its always great to meet readers in person. Apart from Tokyo CGM Night, I've been also thinking about general meetups in Tokyo for DC readers too.

Name these bloggers. Two of them work for the empire.

Animax ran a competition on an anime that they are working on called Lamb. Shot a few minutes for the commercials. Couldn't stop laughing ^^;

A group shot with some of the folks who stayed behind. My caption is "Oppai!"

Wasted two hours with the Straits Times after the Animax workshop. I could have been talking about Dollfies and it wouldn't have mattered because they quoted me with an incredibly distorted view of what I said.

A photoshoot after the interview. Some people say that bad publicity is still publicity but I'd rather have no publicity than be publicly ridiculed. Ugh!

Checking in at Changi airport.

Filling up before landing.

Had an awesome week in Singapore and wish I could have stayed longer. It looks like there are plans to have me back over there later this year though. Will make sure I stay longer and make time to meet more readers.