A Week in New York

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2013/10/19 12:28 JST in Travel
One of the things I love about my work is that I get to travel to various countries to explore cultures and to meet friends I never knew I had who were reading my shenanigans on this site or watching Culture Japan TV.
Over the past couple of years, I've been taking a load of photos in various places around the world that I had not got round to sharing but though I'd better start sooner than later.
Today we take a look at the week that we spent in New York last year when attending New York Comic Con.
Tokyo is a cool city but New York is pretty cool too! It was great getting to experience all the places that I've only seen in movies since I was a kid.
The metro looked much better in real life over the graffiti and bullet hole ridden movie and game version ^^;
Grand Central Terminal just like the movies.
For a long time I thought this was the Empire State Building - its actually the Chrysler Building.
Buildings in New York are like Hong Kong - very tall! We got tall buildings in Tokyo but they are concentrated in small groups - mainly in Shinjuku. In New York they are everywhere.
Buildings are so tall here that they disappear towards the top at times.
Hunting for some American breakfast.
I think New Yorkers like pies as they seemed to be all over the place. I'm almost certain they also like Pai's too.
America Itasha.
New York Taxi's are of all shapes and sizes.
American snacks. I like anything thats white chocolate ^^
The streets of New York.
Cobbled streets - we got loads in London too.
Checking out China Town.
From the illustration it looks like a place to get your lil bro massaged?
Time to check out Brooklyn Bridge.
I used to have a poster of Brooklyn Bridge by night back in the UK many many moons ago. Nice to finally see it in person.
Took a boat cruise along the Hudson River that I first learned of in Metal Gear Solid.
Statue of Liberty. Folks in Tokyo can check out the one in Odaiba.
This is the boat we took - cant remember the name of the company but its right beside Brooklyn Bridge.
Really nice n relaxing views from the boat where you get to see many interesting building structures along the side of the river.
Arrived at the Intrepid as soon as it closed so didn't get to go in ><
If you be liking battleships then you would be liking the game Kantai Collection.
Break time with some familiar beverages.
The One World Trade Center (also previously known as Freedom Tower).
It was my first time in the US when the 9/11 attacks happened. I wasn't sure what I was seeing on the news at the time.
New Yorkers playing chess in the streets - just like the movies!
Hunting for noms.
Met up with some comrades to go and see a movie.
Good morning New York.
Love the mix of traditional and modern architecture in the city.
Heading into Korea Town for some noms.
Korean food in America is good!
Time to check out the Empire State Building. They did have some Fast Lane tickets but were sold by suspicious folks in the streets so decided to queue up with the other civilians instead. It was a long wait but absolutely nothing compared to the type of queues at Universal Studios ^^;
The views from the Empire State Building are just spectacular. You can go right up to the upper level of the building but its not worth it at all as its cramped up there and you can't really see much or get decent photos.
Trying out some tilt shifting shenanigans.
The wedge shaped Flatiron Building which was constructed back in 1902.
Gorgeous Manhattan island.
The area around the Flatiron Building is really nice. There is a park nearby and there are tables n chairs for folks to relax with a cuppa coffee.
Not sure what this gentleman was up to but he just stood like that for 5 mins without moving. Anybody have an idea as to what he is up to?
New York Slice O Life.
Photos of the Asakawa Yuu panel are up but I still owe you ones of my panel and the event itself ><
Gorgeous evening after a day at New York Comicon.
New York also have the cool stacking carparks.
Watched Looper while in New York. Good film but I found there to be too much dialog for the type of film that it could have been. Very interesting concept and still worth watching though.
Walking from the Javits Convention Center back to the hotel.
Enjoying some vegetarian noms.
Times Square by night.
Out n about with Yuki-chan. So cute ><
Fully operational battle station for my duration of stay.
Japanese dindins with the folks at the Japan Foundation.
The views from the Empire State Building are great - but there is one problem - you can't see it! To overcome this 1st world problem, go to the Rockefeller Center.
At the bottom of the Rockefeller Center is a skating rink - yes the one that we only saw in movies ^^
Views from the top of the Rockefeller Center - must experience it if you are visiting NY.
The Empire State Building - I remember it most from Sleepless in Seattle.
Tilting Shift.
Shifting Tilt.
Fell in love with New York on my first visit and will be making a point to go back more often.
These days I only get to travel for business - a holiday is a luxury that I don't feel I deserve unless I meet certain goals.
I'm targeting Feb 2014 to meet one of the biggest goals in life so far and once that's achieved then I'll head to New York again - although it will be for work as its related to my goal ^^;
Some old guy hassling Yuki.
Yuki-chan on the evening streets of New York.
Brekkie with some pancakes.
Cant remember the name of this area. The streets were all cobbled and had queues of folks lining up for brekkie outside each restaurant. Was located in some sort of fish market?
With more comrades who formerly worked at Lucasfilm and Production IG.
Taking a stroll on the New York City High Line - a park built on a previously used train track which is elevated above the city.
Checking out a shopping area built below the train tracks.
Met up with some industry folks including boss of Good Smile Aki-san for dindins.
Then went to some pub called Barcade which was filled with retro game machines that had titles like Strider that I spent a few dollars on ^^;
The hotdog stands of New York - I hear its a hit or miss depending on which one you choose?
American portions - if you are used to Asian portions then just order one plate and share which is what my wife and I usually do ^^;
Checking out the SoHo district in New York which is filled with trendy apparel maker shops.
New York Rain.
The green furry thing would stick its arm around some tourist and ask a member of that tourists party to take a photo of them. At this moment in time the tourists are smiling.
Then the green thing asks for money after the photo is taken - first it turns to asking then it turns to insisting for money. There are no more smiles on the tourists faces anymore and the tourist leaves with a sour memory in their camera.
Grabbing a Starbucks at the corner in Times Square.
Evening noms. New York food is good!
My catch for the day.
Together with the folks at the Japan Foundation - thanks for inviting us over to NY!
Catching up on mail - every time I sent 1 mail - when the screen returns to the inbox, I see an extra 5 new mails which doesn't include spam ><
Inflight food on American Airlines was quite nommy.
Back in Tokyo - Yuki lost her head on the flight.
More photos in part one of this post Tokyo to New York.