A Week in Los Angeles

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Thought I'd better upload these pics before they get too old ^^;
Was invited last year to Los Angeles to speak on a panel at Imprint Culture Lab 2007 about blogging and dannychoo.com - decided to stay on a few days after the conference.

A snap from the conference which I talk about in this previous article.

The portions served in the US are huge - more than twice the size of Japanese portions. But I did feel that some places were more about the quantity and not quality...

Lots of Japanese food stuffs available in Los Angeles.

The milk is 5 times bigger than the largest milk carton in Japan.

More Japanese food stuffs.

Los Angeles style sushi.

Calpis Water becomes Calpico Water. Apparently "Calpis" sounds too much like "Cow Piss" in English ears - do you agree?
Calpis CM below.

Los Angeles also had a lot of good Chinese food - I need to travel over an hour to Yokohama to eat food like this orz.

Down Town LA.

The term for "Los Angeles" in Japanese is "Los" . Is LA known as "Los" locally too?

LA has some great places for food. Are you a person who eats food to live or lives to eat food?

I think this is the central station in LA but me forgets - picked up a car from here.

I found many highway roads in LA to be quite a bumpy ride - was that normal (question to LA locals).

On the way to do some shopping.

Grabbing some lunch before. The pics look kinda sad without Haruhi...

Cant remember where this was but it was full O shops and completely pedestrianized.

Cant find decent shoes in Japan so usually pick up a few pairs of Aldo when in the UK or US.

The weather was gorgeous and wondering if it was mostly like this all year round.

By the beach.

This was the car navigation we were given which made us chuckle when comparing it to our Japanese car navigation system.

But it is not size or looks that matter and this little fella done a great job of guiding us around LA.

Watching the sunset at the beach.

Some Bubba shrimps.

At an outlet mall - Ontario Hills I think. Loads to shop n eat.

Food in the US is a refreshing change from Japanese food stuffs.

On the road again.

Doing the touristy thing at Hollywood. Saw many cosplayers who would offer to take a photo with you. Was interesting watching the faces of folks who were asked for money by the cosplayer after the photo.
I heard that a Chewbacca hit somebody after not being given money after a photo.

Johnny Rockets tasted like...A rocket up the Johnny.

Went to look at some property to buy because we liked LA so much.

Am only jesting ^^;
Tis actually one of me friends inspecting the place just before he gets handed the keys.

One thing I missed about living in Seattle was the huge amount of living space that we had - this is what out apartment looked like.

And this article has pics of our current house that we purchased a few years ago. We plan to build a new house probably just outside Tokyo or maybe in Karuizawa meaning that we would have much more space.
Our current house would probably become the company building. Goal for the new house is within the next 3- 4 years^^

What is the average living space like in your region? Sardines or Football pitch? Are you happy with the current living space that you have?

We want a big garden too ^^

And plan to have a garage like this to build Gunpla and stuff.

LA Suburbia.

The locals certainly know how to greet customers.

No lack of good Chinese food in LA.

Feeling hungry as I write this but knowing I cant simply pop out for food like this is painful.

More down town LA.

Doing more touristy stuff at Universal Studios. I remember when I was back at Microsoft. They sent us to the US and rented a whole Universal park for 35,000 employees - they certainly treated us well.

Looking forward to the Mummy 3.

Having a look at some of the film sets at Universal. Osaka has a Universal too but don't hear much about it.

Water World set. Would love to see a new Water World Movie.

More huge portions. I think portions in LA were bigger than Seattle.

Universal entrance.

LA also has a ton of great Korean food too which we ate tons of. 한국음식먹고싶다〜