A Week in London

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2008/06/16 04:48 JST in Travel

I've only been back to the UK a couple of times since moving to Japan and each time I went was usually because the company (Nature,Amazon) payed for the business trip. Here are some pics taken during my last visit.

First up is Piccadilly Circus where I used to get all my Japanese learning/heath material - a bookshop called the Japan Center opened was my doorway to discover Japan.

Regent Street - the biggest toy shop in the UK Hamleys is here where I used to visit all the time for the Star Wars goodies.

Hackney London - voted one of the worst places to live in the UK.

Tottenham Court Road where I used to get my electronic equipment from. Where should folks go in your region to pick up good electronics? All I know of is Yong San in Seoul.

London China Town which has a restaurant called Wong Kei where the waiters say things like "you drop your chopsticks and you not get no more" and are incredibly rude. But their food is delicious which is why they are popular. Not sure if they are still there.

Would you go back to a restaurant if the service is crap but food good n cheap?

On a double decker round bus - not sure if there are any left. Many buses are now square.

Outside my dads couture studio.

The food I buy to bring back to Japan. Must stock up on the PG Tips n biscuits!

Oxford Street full O shops. My dads studio is at the other end at Marble Arch.
Hmmm, as I write this I really feel like going back for a visit ^^;

I remember when I first moved to Japan after 27 years of living in the UK since birth. Even though I longed to live in Japan, I would still visualize me being back in the UK walking about town. I do miss it from time to time but have no intentions of going back to live/retire - pretty happy living in Japan.

Do you live in a country other than the place of your birth? Do you prefer it where you are or long to be back at your homeland?

To stop a bus you need to hold out your arm. This reminded me of the good ol days at night where the driver was in a rush to get home - they would just drive by leaving the smoke in yer face and dust in yer teeth. Do bus drivers do this in your region too?

On a square bus.

Me, my dad and a colleague from Amazon. Amazon had many ladies who seemed to like my dads shoes. Whenever possible, I would arrange for them to go meet him.

Yes I used to have long hair but the weight of it meant that it sped up the balding rate for me which is why I cut it short^^;;;

Where I live. My mum got mugged twice in this area.

More of the local neighborhood.

London has many train stations but not enough meaning long waits for buses that took their time to come - and when they did come they always come in threes.

One of my fave past times in London - strolling by the Thames. London is lovely when the sun is out...
I remember as a young teenager coming here on my own wondering where in the world my lifetime love was - so ronery ^^;;

But London usually looks like this - gloomy.

Digging up my old mac.

At my dads studio designing some shoes for my wife.

I still have my shoe making skills and planned to start my own label in Tokyo but decided to concentrate on webstuff.

For those who are wondering why I didn't follow in my dads footsteps - I wanted to go alone in a completely different field without any financial aid to see how far I could go with few hundred pounds of savings.

Reached many of my destinations (goals) in life and am setting new goals every day. The last goal was to set up a company by the age of 35 which I accomplished. Will talk about the other goals soon ^^

Shopping in Tescos.

A view from my room.

Mum does a great B'fast.

Just for the lulz - me as a little blighter.

Me deciding which "eyes"-cream I should go for first.

One of my fave UK dishes - chips, scampi, peas n savaloy. Why do the Japanese complain that UK food sucks?

The day after I arrive is raid Tescos and buy the same stuff. Lord I miss UK food.

Not 3 but 5 buses on a row - after waiting 20 mins for any of these buses.

You saw what my room looked like in The Early Years 1 and this is what it looks like now.

My mum keeps a load of strange object in my room while I'm not there ^^;

My first computer - 4GB drive running on a 56k modem. I remember taking out a loan to buy that but it was the best investment ever which enabled me to learn the ways of the compuer/internets and get me a job at Japan Airlines in London which lead to a job in Japan with Nature etc etc - more of my history of getting to Japan in this article.

Gorgeous sunny day in South London.

And then suddenly I discover this big eye thing at the Thames.

Virgin airlines - nice interior but the seats a bit hard.

I think this is Covent Garden (?) a nice place to go eating and hang out.

Paying the ancestors my respects.

Name that dinosaur. Used to be a dinosaur fanatic and could name them all - but not anymore ^^;

Inside of the Natural History Museum (I think).