A Week in Akihabara

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2008/01/29 22:55 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Been spending a lot of time in Akiba recently so this weeks "A Week in Tokyo" is an Akihabara special.
Yesterday we had a look at the inside of the Radio Kaikan and now we go look at the rest (but not all) of Akihabara.

While I get bored of going to places like Shibuya or Shinjuku, I never get bored of visiting the holy land.

Kodomo no Jikan poster covers three floors of the Gamers building.

Fellow otaku lining up for last weeks eroge releases.

AV actress Hamazaki Rio (VNSFW) will be having a photo session on the 9th Feb at M's.
If you want to attend then you need to buy two of her DVDs where you will get 60 seconds of her in costume and 60 seconds in a bikini.
If you want to know what its like to attend these then check out this previous article.

My Master costume for 8500 yen and Haruhi for 7900 yen - a great gift for your GF/Wife/Mistress or BF.

The whole of Akiba has gone Fortune Arterial crazy what with the release of the eroge.
This case is full of August (the company that released Fortune Arterial) goodies.

Operation Sanctuary and moar August goodies. Yum.

Taka Tony ero anime.

Some of last weeks eroge releases.

Natsukami - NSFW screenshots of the girls in action here.

Pia Carrot telephone card illustration.

The Lucky Star PS2 game.

SOS Dan angels.

Ai Shinozaki - see pics I took of her in this article.

BTW, these pics were taken at the Asobit Games building. Go there and you can get that Haruhi red armband hanging on the right.

Some bed time reading.

Nocturnal activity material.

Enough nocturnal activity material to last months - or days depending on how often you wax the dolphin.

Moar dolphin care products.

Some illustration books of popular eroge.

Material to drain your body of three types of liquids - blood (nosebleed), tears (depending on how good it was for you) and soldiers.

Some of the less erotic illustration books.

Fortune Arterial dakimakura.

More Fortune Arterial.

An elevator that you want to get in even though you don't particularly want to go to another floor.

The main street in Akiba - Chuo Dori.

Hatsune Miku goodies.

There are many demos set up outside shops that you can play.

Apparently there is a surprise if you look up this Haruhi's skirt.

Billy in Akiba.

This block contains Toranoana (ero, doujin), Animate (anime goodies) and the Taito Game building.

The yellow building on the right is Akibakan...

...And at Akibakan you will find a load of cheap PC accessories, hard disks and flash memory. 1TB SATA is 32990 yen.

8GB SDHC for 4790 yen

In the back streets of Akiba you will find the small stores which give Akiba its personality. Hope they last against all the big guys moving into the area.

Coin lockers are to be found here and there - leave your luggage here as you trek around Akiba.

More of the back streets.

The crossing at Chuo Dori as soon as you come out of the "Denki Gai" exit at Akihabara Station.

Evening approaches on Akiba.

Have not asked for permission to do coverage at Gamers yet so had to sneak this one in of the Polyphonica girls.

For some of the stores, I need to ask permission to take photos which usually involves talking to head office and is a pain in the bottom.
On the other hand, some of the store owners seem to know about dannychoo.com and ask me to cover their store from time to time which I gladly do.

Expect more Akiba coverage here in the articles and over in the News Items in the left column.