A Month in Tokyo - March 2008

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sat 2008/03/22 05:29 JST in A Week in Tokyo

From now on will be rounding up the past month of my life in Tokyo and throwing it together in a video just like this one.

The video takes a look at my previous workspace, a trip to Ikea, meetings in Akibhabara, a bit of my lounge, some footage from the Good Smile offices that you have not seen yet, meetings in Roppongi, on the trains, at the Wonder Festival, filming of Caramell Trooper and a bit of driving around Tokyo.

Didn't plan on starting this series and don't usually carry around the Xacti so theres a lot missing from here but most of it has been captured in the A Week in Tokyo photo articles. Some of the stuff here may be just a bit older than a month though.

Since YouTube upgraded my account from Director to Partner (which lets me put up a few banners here and there and do some other goodies which I'm still reading up on), I notice a lot more traffic from there and am not sure why...

Low res clip below and high(er) res at http://youtube.com/watch?v=4iEZ-hjPA6U&fmt=18. In a poll quite a while ago, most of you said that you prefer photos than videos. Should I be doing more videos? I was thinking that videos may provide a better atmosphere of living, working and playing in Tokyo.
The only videos I plan on doing for the moment are the office tours and the Month in Tokyo roundup.