A Day in Tokyo 6

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2011/11/27 00:29 JST in A Week in Tokyo

Photos taken throughout today on the Sony NEX-5N which just came back from repairs. Wee too much going on of late with most of my time taken up with TV production of Culture Japan. Season 2 comes to an end December 24 - hope I can make it to the new year alive ^^;

Today I test out the NEX-5N, clean up the office preparing for tomorrows filming and sort out a load of mails before heading to the AmiAmi HQ with a load of Mirai Mousepads which will go on sale worldwide on this Monday. Will also be on sale at Hobby Search, Kid Nemo and KKnM.

Had meeting with the folks at AmiAmi regarding the filming at Asakusa on December 5th and then its off to dindins. After that its back to base to prep the website for this evenings broadcast of Culture Japan. Now I'm watching Fate Zero on Tokyo MX TV while writing this up and as soon as this is posted I'll finish prepping for tomorrows filming in the office.

The office is still a mess after getting back from Singapore.

Step outside to test the NEX-5N.

Nice zoom with the 18- 55mm lens.

I usually remember to censor that mousepad.

the 18 - 55mm lens also gives a nice bokeh.

The E 18-55mm lens. Photo snapped with the E 16mm + SEL16F28 | 16mm f/2.8 Wide-Angle Lens.

Ah damn - this photo gives away what the next product lineup is ^^;
Karin is nekkid because I didn't have time to dress her after Singapore. I promise.

Photo snapped with the E 16mm + SEL16F28 | 16mm f/2.8 Wide-Angle Lens.

PG Strike needs dusting.

Lots of wrists will be saved with this product.


Will be delivering the goodies to the stores in batches.

How many kilos have you done on your car?

Taxi's behave the same wherever you go even in Japan - they got special cutting in privileges.

I took these while driving ^^;

The trusty Mirai Itasha.

At AmiAmi's main meeting room.

Richard and Yumi.


Going over some...stuff ^^;

Mirai Clock 3 out in the App Store next month!

Yumi's gorgeous illustration.

Nakayasu-san's collection of discount stickers that he collected from bento's ^^;


Yumi's desk.

Richard's desk.



Reimu figure want.

In many Japanese offices, employees take off their shoes.

Dollfie size?!

Wrist Support System spotted.

Nice trousers n boots.

Off to dindins.

Menu is difficult for even Japanese folks to read!
Have you ordered anything odd at a Japanese restaurant before that you didn't like because you wasn't sure what you was ordering?

This is Otooshi - its an excuse to charge you a seat charge and will be added to your bill - its brought to you automatically when you sit down. Tastes nice in most cases but in some cases tastes' like...

Chirimen and Tofu salad.

Yakitamago (egg).

Kara-age - deep fried chicken.

Fugu! The most dangerous fish dish that you will eat in Japan.

Renkon which I think is called Mooli in English.

Heading back to base.

Time to update the site before the Culture Japan broadcast.

Cuppa tea and biscuits to accompany me while I work.
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