6 Years of GSC Figures

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Fri 2011/05/27 22:57 JST in Good Smile Company

Photos of the scale figures taken along with the 100 Nendoroids at the Good Smile Company 10th Anniversary Event.
I probably missed a few but most should be covered.
You can check out this archive view at the Good Smile site so that you can see which figures were released and when.

This post includes photos of the very first scale figures that Good Smile Company made back in 2005 right up to this year. Many of the figures are very nostalgic too!
How many scale figures (including non GSC ones) do you think you have in your collection? I have no idea how many I have until I fix that hole in the ceiling ^^;

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This Poll is now expired

And a few more event photos from other comrades who attended the event.