2014/12/09 Update

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2014/12/09 09:35 JST in Anime Events
Photo of Yoshimi and I on the main stage at AFA.
I said I would post regular updates regardless of whether they are a huge wall of photos or small tidbits - so here is today's tidbit ^o^
AFA was absolutely incredible and huge! We sold out of Smart Dolls in 20 mins on day 1 and due to popular demand sold all the display models too at a discounted price too.
I was on the main and mini stage a lot and ended up losing my voice again as usual - I think I need some proper voice training for this job because after the throat goes kaput, I tend to get sick and am currently trying to battle with some Tolak Angin - an Indonesian brand of cold medicine ^^
Had a great CJ Night Singapore - I didn't really promote it much which was a good thing because we had less folks which meant I could spend more time with those who came.
I'm currently still in Singapore and will be heading back to Tokyo tomorrow. I'll be in Tokyo for 2 weeks before heading over to Kuala Lumpur for Malaysia's longest standing and gargantuan Comic Fiesta where we will have our Culture Japan booth. As CF and AFA were so close, most of the stuff that we have on sale at CF will be the same as AFA with a difference - we realize we need more Smart Dolls and more S and M sized T-shirts. Chitose seems to be veeeeery popular so we will bring more of her tees.
We will also have Touch n Go too - will post photos of the samples later.
Anyway, as soon as I get back to Tokyo, I will take more orders of Mirai and Kizuna and also ship within the next 3 weeks. I also plan to take orders for Air Stand, Summer Uniform, Cargo Pantsu, Frill T-shirts and Mirai Short Wig.
I need to dash now but will keep you updated with our next mission which is CF.
Nearly forgot to mention that I will be giving a talk at Venture Day Tokyo this Friday 12th about bootstrapping and creativity.