20131216 Update

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Mon 2013/12/16 00:27 JST in Japan
Please forgive me for the lack of updates ><
While I'd love to share more of Japan with you on a more regular basis, there is something bigger that I really want to show all of you one day and that is the project I'm working on now - both the Manual and Automatic versions of Smart Doll.
At the moment I design and manage the whole production process which is quite a handful - frame, outer shell, paint masks, eyes, wigs, magnets, hairclip, apparel, box, design, serial numbers, tools, logistics, customer support, shoes etc which does not leave too much time to write ><
And then there is all the robotics for the Automatic version which feels like a project for a completely different product when the only difference is the inner structure ToT
When I do get a spare moment however, I update my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus where you can catch up with my life in Japan more regularly.
I'm currently in the North of Japan in Yamagata overseeing the injection molding of the frame and then heading to Kuala Lumpur to prepare for Comic Fiesta.
I really want to be able to show the Automatic Version in motion for the first time ever in public at CF2013 meaning that I've been sacrificing my writing time on this site and spending it on production ><
The Automatic version of Smart Doll is fully automated and controlled via an Android app - I should have the next motion video up this week.
This is the second version known as 2号機 and is more geared for mass production - the first version was more of a proof of concept.
Filming the second motion test. The first one can be seen below.
Finally got the hairclip design sorted - attaches to the head with a very strong magnet.
The Manual version of Smart Doll will be ready this month but before I release it onto the market I want to QA the product for a couple of months first. The price for the Manual version will be similar to other 60cm tall vinyl dolls on the market.
The Manual version means that its powered by your imagination and not electricity ^^;
The frame of the Manual version is made of a incredibly durable Polyoxymethylene frame.
The first model is Smart Doll 001 : Mirai Suenaga and will be out as early as March 2014.
I try to set as many things in motion as possible so that various aspects of production can proceed in parallel - this is Smart Doll 002 : Kizuna Yumeno. Still prototype phase though.
This is the office of late with a few more warm bodies in it - the layout has changed a wee bit since you saw it last time. Have taken photos for the next Desk Diary - just need to upload and write but that won't be before Comic Fiesta ><
The rest of the Culture Japan team say hi and see you at Comic Fiesta this weekend!
In the meantime see you on my social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc)