2000 Aya's

POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Sun 2008/06/08 02:33 JST in Japanese Idols

The last one was good but this time its great - Aya photo mosaic by Fabien Lee.

Fabien original text below.In my previous post, I did a portrait (the real term is photomosaic) of Aya Hirano by using 336 pictures of her. However, this time I created a real photomosaic of Aya by utilizing a total of 2000 small pictures (50 x 66 pixels). But among these 2000 small pictures, most of them are repetitions since I only have 300 over pictures of Aya. The larger version of this picture is available at my blog.

Warning: Picture resolution is ridiculously large at 1980 x 3300 pixels.

2008-06-08 07:57:41