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009 RE:CYBORG is the upcoming movie in the Cyborg 009 series. The story takes place after the events of the Cyborg 009 manga amidst a spree of worldwide bombings of skyscrapers in major cities. Written and directed by Kamiyama Kenji (Ghost in the Shell S.A.C, Eden of the East), the movie is being produced by Production I.G .

The film is made with 3D cel shaded to look like traditional 2D animation. 009 RE:CYBORG is set to begin screening simultaneously in Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Korea on October 27, 2012.

I've been working with Production IG on various projects and was invited along to the pre-premiere event for industry folks.

Arrival at Wald9 cinema in Shinjuku.

That chair from the movie is asking to be sat in!

The chair is called Dive Gear and is used by the heroine in the movie.

A load of sounds start to whirr...

...my photo gets taken...

...and the photo is automatically uploaded to Facebook somewhere - see if you can find this photo!

Just about everybody from the anime and game industry is here! I managed to bump into comrades at Google, Ascii Media Works and Good Smile Company.

Only 1 screen was planned but because so many people showed up, they quickly setup another screen - a total of two screens for industry folks. This screen slowly filling up - took this snap but didnt realize that Takashi Okazaki is smiling at the camera ^^;

The following photos for those of you who also work in the anime industry - see who you can spot!

Good Smile Company folks near the back.

Its the Max Factory Boss Max Watanabe ^^;

Movie is in 3D but these glasses were not quite designed for folks who already wear glasses...

Producer of 009 Tomohiko Ishii comes on to give a talk.

Then Director Kamiyama Kenji comes on to greet us.

Ishii-san looks like Ichiro ^^;

After the movie, we venture around Wald9 - a load of 009 stuff on display.

Tis my first time here. They got a load of Japanese movies on including anime such as Madoka, Tiger Bunny and more. Do they show Japanese anime movies in the cinema where you are?

Some TV interviews going on.

A 009 themed cafe.

The 009 drinks!

Bumped into blogger Fumi-san who now works at Google - I met her when I first appeared on a Japanese TV show called Blog TV. Little did I know that a few years later I would produce and direct my own TV show in that same studio...

Also bumped into Fukuoka Toshihiro - we worked together to bring Hatsune Miku to the US and are now working to bring her to...

Fumi-san tries out the Dive Gear.

Fukuoka-san cant leave without giving it a whirl too^^
BTW, the Worldwide Otaku Report that we are working on is still in the works - hope for a release this year.

This photo taken together with the producer of 009 RE:CYBORG Ishii-san at AFA Malaysia - he is a mutual friend of Fukuoka-san.

With the boss of Production IG Ishikawa-san at AFA Malaysia for their stage show segment.
We recently worked together on their KickStarter venture Kick Heart.

I've been working with IG as an advisor on the project for a while now and its so exciting to see the movie completed.

Following are screenshots from the trailers that can be seen online.

Ivan Whisky, a cyborg possessing psychic powers such as telepathy, psychokinesis and instant teleportation.

Jet Link, a cyborg with the power to fly at Mach 5 speeds.

Françoise Arnoul, a cyborg with enhanced hearing and sight, who is also able to access information from networks around the globe.

Albert Heinrich, a cyborg whose entire body is a deadly weapon.

Geronimo Jr., a cyborg with incredibly thick skin and superhuman strength.

Chang Changku, a cyborg who can blow fire and heat rays from his mouth.

Great Britain, a cyborg who can rearrange his cells in order to transform into other substances.

Pyunma, a cyborg who is able to breathe underwater and sustain depths of up to 10km.

Joe Shimamura, a powerful cyborg possessing all the technology developed for the other 00 cyborgs.

Main Characters

Which cyborg would you like to have as a buddy?:Ivan Whiskey :Jet Link :Françoise Arnoul :Albert Heinrich :Geronimo Jr. :Chang Changku :Great Britain :Pyunma :Joe Shimamura

This Poll is now expired

This Poll is now expired

The movie is visually a joy to watch which comes complete with an intriguing story - dont go to the toilet during the show or you may loose track of whats going on! Director Kamiyama has done a fab job and fans of his previous works such as Ghost in the Shell SAC and Eden of the East will love this flick.

Will give you details of its overseas broadcast soon but you can also keep an eye on the official English site, the 009 English Facebook or the 009 English Twitter account.

If you do get to watch the movie then watch right up until the end of the credits - you will see me in there somewhere ^^;