POSTED BY DANNY CHOO On Tue 2007/02/06 16:10 JST in Gundam

Sorry for the lack of Gundam updates - 67 images today to make up for it. I still have a load of GFF's that I need to gallery-ize. The thing with taking pictures of figures is that you only need concentrate on the lighting and camera settings as most figures dont have movable or interchangeable parts - they just sit/stand there ^^;
When taking pics of Gundams, one has to think about other things like pose, what combinations of weapons to attach etc. In my case, I also need to worry about bits falling off my 3rd floor balcony!

Have you seen Gundam X? An oldie but a goodie - just added an Otavid of the OP.
The orchestral pieces are atmospheric to compliment an engaging Gundam anime - recommended.

This GFF is absolutely lovely and if you love weapons you will love this release. The Sattelite System/Cannon, Divider, Shoulder Vulcan Cannon, Beam Swords and other bad ass weapons are included to keep you occupied during those long boring meetings.

A few nags - many parts are loose and fall off easily but can be easily remedied using the fixing loose joints method. Apart from these fixable nags, this Katoki Gundam is utterly recommended if you like loadsa weapons.
Added two images to the Wallpaper pool.

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